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Snake Facts

Scientific Name:    Serpentes

Type:    Reptile

Diet:    Carnivore

Size:    5.4m (18ft)

Weight:    150kg (330lbs)

Top Speed:    32km/h (20mph)

Life Span:    30 years

Lifestyle:    Solitary

There are around 2,700 known species of snake worldwide, with the snake being found on every continent apart from the polar regions, where it is too cold for the snake.

The snake can grow anywhere from 10cm in length, to the enormous anaconda snake that can reach lengths of up to 30ft long! There are two ways that snakes kill their prey, either the snake has a poisonous bite or the snake will wrap itself around the prey to constrict it.

Most species of snake inhabiting colder regions in the Northern Hemisphere, will hibernate through the cold winter months. The snake tends to mate in the spring time.

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