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Almighty Allah has Power over Everything

It is likely that some may think how many forms (due to change) might have been taken in the scattered particles of a dead body. How then it is possible for them to reassemble as before? But such thinking is only the result of ignoring the all-encompassing power of Almighty God.

When we have learnt in the discussion about God's Oneness that God's knowledge covers everything and that not a single particle from the particles of each and everything is beyond His knowledge. He also has power of everyone and everything. After this there is no scope at all for any doubt about the fulfilment of His Wish. It is true that a dead body, after a long time, becomes scattered and also emanates foul smell and also becomes the food of ants and many other insects and that even if it does not go in the stomach of any animal it does turn into dust which also is swept far and wide by winds. Then it becomes the ingredients of wheat, barely, seeds and vegetables or is used up in house building materials. In any case it still remains in this world and by no means goes out of the all-encompassing Knowledge of God. Then, at His Will, Almighty Allah recollects and reassembles them from wherever they may be and in whichever form they may be (rather they themselves get remixed at God's Command). We have seen this in the story of Ibrahim (a.s.) and four birds. It is mentioned there that, as ordered by God, Ibrahim (a.s.) cut the birds in to pieces and then mixed up that meat. Then dividing the mixed meat into four heaps, he placed those heaps on four hills... In short, Almighty Allah knows each and every particle in the universe (His creation) even if they have changed forms on thousands of occasions. Likewise, He is also able to reassemble them and to take them to the station (place) of either reward or punishment. 1

To show the Might of Allah and in order to prove that He can do whatever He likes and that He can do everything, we give below some examples as testimony to this truth.

1 For removal of doubts regarding the eater and the eaten one, refer the Ayatullah's book, 80 questions.

Adapted from the book: "The Hereafter (Ma'aad)" by: "Ayatullah Dastghaib Shiraazi"

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