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Allurement with Wealth, Women and Position

The same way as the arrogant powers and enemies of Allah and the humanity employed economic boycotts, they also used and they are still using, the method of alluring the callers with wealth, women and position in order to seduce those whose spirits are weak and suffering from anxiety.

The Holy Qur'an has paid great attention to fortifying the Islamic personality from falling prey to forbidden desires and pleasures so as to create spiritual defence and the power to resist allurements. `Jahiliyya' had indeed clashed with the firmest will and power of resolution any human ever carried; the will and resolution of the Guide Prophet, Muhammad (s.a.w.). They foolishly tried to seduce the Noble Prophet (s.a.w.) with wealth, women and investing him with authority, but, he rose above those inconsequential proposals proclaiming his eternal statements:

"Oh Uncle! I swear by Allah that if they place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand so as to abandon this affair, I would never have abandoned it…" He said this firm statement after the Quraish sent him his uncle with the proposals of the leaders of the Quraish. The proposals were that they would amass such wealth for him till he became the richest man among them, that they would give him, in marriage, the most beautiful women he liked and that they would make him their king with the condition that he abandon his principles and call. He rejected and uttered his famous statement, which is still a guide to those who take the prophetic path, the bearers of the banner of Islam.

Adapted from: "The Methods Of Propagation and Missionary Work" by: "Sayyid Bahashti"

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