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Al-Ghadir in the Qur’an (Part 2)

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

The Holy Qur’an states: “This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion” (Surat Al-Ma’idah, Verse 3)
One of the controversial interpretations about this verse is that there is no relationship between this verse and what is said before and after it. Whether we regard this verse as Al-Ghadir Verse like all Shia or most of Sunn scholars or we accept that it is not related to the Ghadir Event, the Question will be:
Why the said verse isn’t closely related to what comes before and after that in the Qur’an?
If, even less likely, these statements belong to another part of the Qur’an, which Chapters do they belong to? Is there a more appropriate place for it in Qur’an?
Can it be claimed that the sequence of chapters and verses in the Qur’an are exactly in accordance with what they were in the era Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?
Why has the other verse which is about Ghadir Event (Al-Ma’idah, Verse: 67) been included in another part of the Chapter and not next to the said verse which is related to the Completion of the religion?
Are the three clauses in this sentence “I have perfected …, and I have completed…, and I have chosen…..” interpreting each other or do they have separate interpretations?
What kind of “Al” is the one in “Al-Youm” -this day- word in this verse?
Why has the word “Al-Youm” -This day- preceded the other words in this statement?
Hadn’t Guardianship and succession of the Commander of the Faithful been expressed before that its announcement on Ghadir Day has lent glory to this day?
Is it appropriate to think that this day has turned into a special day due to the announcement of Imam Ali’s guardianship among huge Muslim masses which was unique till that day and after that? (That is, the last words were said and there remained no excuse for all).
Can’t one say that this day is special because Inner Guardianship was granted to Imam Ali (A.S) and that Al-Ghadir day is the starting point of such guardianship?
All these questions and other questions in this field can open new and worthy windows for Qur’anic researchers, exegetes and Ghadir scholars.

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