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Al-Ghadir and its Relevance to Islamic Unity - Part 4

Translated by Mojgan Jalali

Other Comments on "al-Ghadir"
    Many unbiased non-Shi"a Muslims interpret the "al-Ghadir" in the same way that has already been mentioned. Muhammad Abdul-Ghani Hasan al-Mesri, in his foreword on "al-Ghadir", which has been published in the preface to volume I, second edition, states:
    "I call on the Almighty to make your limpid brook (in Arabic,"Ghadir" means brook) the cause of peace and cordiality between the Shia and Sunni brothers to cooperate with one another in building the Islamic "ummah."
   Adil Ghadban, the managing editor of the Egyptian magazine entitled "al-Kitab", said the following in the preface to volume 3: "This book clarifies the Shi"ite logic. The Sunnis can correctly learn about the Shi"i through this book. Correct recognition of the Shi"as brings the views of the Shi"as and the Sunnis closer, and they can make a unified rank". In his foreword to the "al-Ghadir" which was published in the preface to volume 4.
Dr. Muhammad Ghallab, professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Religious Studies al-Azhar University said:
"I got hold of your book at a very opportune time, because right now I am busy collecting and compiling a book on the lives of the Muslims from various perspectives. Therefore, I am highly avid for obtaining sound information about "Imamiyah" Shi"ism. Your book will help me. And I will not make mistakes about the Shi"as as others have."
    In this foreword published in the preface to volume 4 of the "al-Ghadir", Dr. "Abdul-Rahman Kiali Halabi says the following after referring to the decline of the Muslims in the present age and the factors which can lead to the Muslims" salvation, one of which is the sound recognition of the successor of the Holy Prophet (pbuh):
"The book entitled "al-Ghadir" and its rich content deserves to be known by every Muslim to learn how historians have been negligent and see where the truth lies. Through this means, we should compensate for the past, and by striving to foster the unity of the Muslims, we should try to gain the due rewards".
    These were the views of Allamah Amini about the important social issues of our age and such were his sound reflections in the world of Islam.

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