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According to which Quranic command do religious minorities living in Islamic countries like Iran, who enforce the law of hijab, have to observe the hijab?


This might be a question to many; why do Muslim women have to wear the hijab, and moreover, why do non-Muslims who live in Muslim countries (who enforce this Islamic ruling such as Iran) have to observe it as well?

A few points and principles need to be paid attention to in order to get the answer to your question:

1- What can be concluded from the Quran is that the hijab isn’t a limitation, it is security and preserves one's dignity.

2- Before it being an Islamic ruling, it was a gift to all religions and societies, because of all the important benefits it encompasses.

3- In order for all of this ruling's benefits to take place and the goals it has been legislated for to be fulfilled, all of those living in the Islamic society, regardless of them being Muslim or not, need to observe it, or else its purpose will be defeated.

4- All religious minorities have to abide by the laws of the countries they live in, and Iran and other countries like it who have such a law are no exception.

5- In reality, followers of other religions also have to observe the hijab if they want to have truly followed their religion, because as was said, the hijab isn’t something that only belongs to Islam.

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