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A Way to Meet Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.)

Mawlana Jaan Ali Shah Kazmi was giving majalis in Siraj Imam Bargah, Sarafa Bazaar, near Husaynia Iranian Hall, Karachi, Pakistan. His topic in this Imam Bargah was Imam-e Zamana (A.S.).

During his topic in his third Majlis, he told the way to meet with Imam in this world. He gave an example of person who adopted this way and got success to meet with Imam in just one year. The way is:

1) Recite the following Surahs of Holy Quran before sleeping every day:

Suratul Hadeed (Section 27; Chapter 57),
Suratul Hashr (Section 28; Chapter59),
Suratul Saff (Section 28; Chapter 61),
Suratul Jumu'ah (Section 28; Chapter 62),
Suratut Taghaabun (Section 28; Chapter 64), and
Suratul Aa'laa (Section 30; Chapter 87)

2) Recite in Sajdah Seven Tasbeehs' of the following:

During reciting remember each and every of your Gunah (Sins).
Insha'Allah,within a year You will meet Imam-e Zamana (A.S.).

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