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A view to our society

We are living in a strange age and society; an age, having no similarity with the other ones. The values and principles are mostly exposed to doubt and question. There exists an excess of ignorance and sOmmetimes aimlessness.

The samples are various and misleading. The occasions for man’s leading are rare; and, therefore; man in choosing the right (way) from the various ones is irresolute.

Some persons do not yet know to be Eastern or Western, material or spiritual, realist or idealist. Even some of our women do not yet know to be the mothers of their children or the manageresses of offices, responsible for educating their children or responsible for typing the letters.

The theory of democracy and independence is set forth in discussions, but their extends and dimensions are not well known. The borderlines have not been specified, the side-takings are ambiguous, the ways are paved with doubt, and the thoughts are not right and well-studied.

One-sidedness is raging, as if we have just learned to discern one side of the premises and take not the other sides into consideration. Besides, our problem is to consider just today while the life is not irrelevant to yesterday and tomorrow.

The Policies

Our thinkers follow the pre-thought policies with no shadow of doubt, but it must be questioned that is the way like that there exist plenty of thinkers ?

Moreover, there are cases proving that we pave a way without knowing its result and end. We follow a way, providing us with instantaneous and today wants, but what is beyond it, is of less significance for us, and sometimes, we even hope others to pave the way for us, and then, we take it for granted with no effort and analysis.

We hope to be of one face and nobody conceive us to be a real Jekyll and Hyde. If we claim to be Muslims, we’d better not to blasphemize under the name of Islam; and at last, we should not pass life in indifference when we assume any responsibility. If we lay greetings aside, it must be admitted that our nature is not so well as we think.

Though rejecting oppression, we are oppressed, and though rejecting exploitation, we are exploited. There exist a lot of internal and external cases of irregularity in us, but we have a false feeling of prosperity. Our affairs are all in disorder, but, on the other hand, we pretend order.

There exist a lot of responsibilities over us and our mothers and women’s shoulders, and egligence in their fulfillment will result in both Divine punishment and earthly losses. We suppose all our affairs are achieved successfully with a revolutionary appearance, but this is not the case. We do not deny that a part of the long way has been paved, but other steps and stages have to be taken.

We have naturally been brought up optimistic and superficial, supposing that by making a skeleton, we have built a house and can settle in it- negligent that there is no possibility of living in it at ease until it is not completed.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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