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A Poem for Arbaeen

A Poem for Arbaeen
Written on the occasion of Arbaeen Imam Husain (A.S)

Look at the heads atop the spear
and the eyes that are full of tears.
Husain has gone and his sister is alone,
and her lonely sight is so hard to bear.
It will touch so many hearts of stone
but her suffering, so few shall share.

The daughter of Fatima is full of sorrow.
In her path, so many woes have been steered.
She doesn"t know what will happen tomorrow.
She hasn"t finished wiping her tears.
The world has seldom seen such a bold woman.
So courageous and without a speck of fear.

She is so strong, that she can"t be broken.
Even by her loved ones" heads, on the spears.
Her parents are Fatima and Ali, none other,
and to the Prophet Muhammad, she is so dear.
But this day, she is without her brother.
And no comfort seems to be near.

There is no one relieve them of their agony.
The indifference of these "Muslims" is so severe.
Nobody cares for the Prophet"s progeny.
For the victims, everyone should shed tears.
Don"t all the people present, understand,
the noble family of the Prophet, has no peers?

Everyone"s salvation is verily in their hands.
Why are they being driven, to the verge of tears?
This lady is not afraid to lose her life.
She speaks out against cruelty, without fear.
To spread her brother"s message, she strives,
breaking everyone"s heart with her silent tears.

On hurting the innocent, the cruel are bent.
But these wicked plots fail and she perseveres.
She faces calamity with her spiritual strength.
She is anguished, but holds back her tears.
The tyrants wanted to crush the struggle
but it shall never end and also our tears.

Everyone is moved, on hearing her troubles.
Karbala is and will be remembered each year.
In the stormy seas we"ve not yet set ashore,
many evil minds would want to stop our tears.
But this mourning will continue, forever more,
with cries of Ya Husain, ringing in our ears.

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