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A Discourse about Religion Freedom and Hijab

by: Nazzar Al-Kadhim

1- What is Religion?

Every human being desires an eternal life along with prosperity and happiness. The course of life is made up of do’s and don’ts and religion explains the do’s and don’ts of the life and it means that to attain prosperity and perfection human beings need some laws and regulations.

These requirements are inherent in his personal life as well as a person in the society. There are different ways to attain these needs and to reach the desired perfection one should choose the way which have been explained by the Holy Prophets and divine personalities or choose the way which have been shown by scholars basing their views on sciences and human thinking. This is the way which reflects the cultural and social personality of the persons.

What do you say and which way have you chosen and wh

Relationship between Religion and Freedom

From the beginning the people were free to choose between the divine religions and the scientific and human intellectual methods. After this important selection especially if this selection is a religious way whose details will have a kind of obligations, submission and obedience. Thus, abiding by laws and detailed commandments of religion is in no opposition with the basis of freedom and selection of religion. For instance we know that the basis of selection of profession is free for the people but if a person selects military job or becomes a nurse then it is obligatory for that person to abide by the rules and obligations of that profession and obviously that person will not be free as before in this regard.

Thus, discussion in observing the rules and regulations of religion is a misleading discussion let it be in the religious laws or in any practical laws of religion like hijab, inheritance and many other issues.
What do you think in this regard? Can a person practice religion and enjoy absolute freedom?

2- Islamic Government or Despotism

In a democratic and republican system the government is formed on the basis of the majority of people’s vote. So it is said that the minority should submit to the want of the majority especially when the demands of the minority is opposed and in contradiction with the values accepted by the majority of the society. Thus, in the name of freedom we cannot oppose and ignore the laws accepted by the society and blame for the presence of autocracy and dictatorship.

We say that the Islamic Iran is a country of different races, languages and sects which after the fall of the despotic rule of the Pahlavi (which was fully supported till the end by USA, Europe and other secular countries) and after several referendums and general elections held in the country the majority of the Iranian nation gave positive vote for the Islamic republic system and demanded the formation of an Islamic society free from all the secular appearances. If the demands of the majority are not met then it is an obvious aggression to the rights of the majority of this society. The enemies of the Islamic system in Iran should know that the insult and opposition to the Islamic laws in the name of freedom is the blatant violation of the rights of the majority of the Iranian nation. This type of behavior also contradicts the rational principles and the accepted social norms of all the nations and the freedom seekers of the world. On the other hand respecting the manners and customs of a nation is to respect the people of that society and dishonoring them is the sign of transgressing the rights of the people of that society. Those who violate the sanctity of the society are liable to be persecuted by the law.

Is abiding by the laws which are according to the demands of the majority of the people considered dictatorship?

3- An Ethical Society or Sexual Promiscuity

Some limitations for men and in particular for women for wearing the modest dress and avoiding sexual promiscuity and sensuality in the Islamic society is because the public places like bazaars, streets and schools belong to the general public and personal behavior should not create hindrance for others like smoking in the public places and creating loud sound in a limited surrounding which is considered as violating the rights of the general public.

We believe that those acts which destroy the spirituality of the society and create disorder and disturbance is not less than environment and sound pollution or contagious viral infections. Wearing immodest dress and promiscuity by men and women in the public places is due to their irrational and egoistic instincts because these persons want to change the social and working environments into places of social promiscuity and sensuality. Thus, women with their dress and make up which is meant for their family and exclusive gatherings reveal their beauties in the public create hurdles in the environment of ethics, science, research and constructive activities of the believing men and women in particular the youth. Here enjoining to right and forbidding from evil gains importance as the general obligation of the officials of the Islamic government.

Do you confer this right to the Islamic government which is formed by the majority vote of the God-seeking and believing people? Do people should expect this from the officials of the Islamic government?

4- The Claimants of the Human Rights, Freedom, and Women and …..

It is amazing that the enemies of Islam in the name of sympathizing with the Muslim people intend to spread anti-religious thoughts and project the Islamic society as non-democratic and propagate the modest Islamic dress (hijab) for women as against their freedom. Meanwhile in their own society if any act is committed against their political, cultural and economic interests is encountered by them with full power they will eradicate and exterminate them at any cost and in this way they commit any crime and offence. They consider modest dress (hijab) of Muslim girls as a mean of propagating the Islamic thought and the false claimants of freedom in the West have forbidden the Muslims with modest dress (hijab) from attending schools in France, Turkey and Germany. How can these people consider themselves as the defenders of freedom and democracy? It is very surprising that the mass killers of the innocent people all over the world are like the wolves in the dress of benevolence shouting slogans for human rights and freedom of the nations and these people want to legislate laws for the lives of Muslim women and youth. Alas! Some of the people have been deceived by these tricks and believe in them.

Concluding Remarks:

Till this country is ruled by Islamic laws under the leadership of an expert jurisprudent(Vali i-Faqih) the believing youth, women and men by following all those great and respected combatants who have sacrificed for Islam are defending the blood of the martyrs and will foil all the conspiracies and plots of the enemies. The people are determined to build a developed and free Islamic society in which people from all walks of life have their proper place for their progress and development and they are also demonstrating to the world the real meaning and definition of freedom and human rights.

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