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A Commentary on the Hamd Surah - Part 5

A tradition and a research

Be aware that the knowledgeable and the formalists have said that; “Praising”? is thanking by the tongue for a voluntary favor and, as they are unknown of all tongues except this fleshly organ, they consider all praising and glorifying God, or rather all the utterances of the Sacred Essence to be a kind of figurative speech. Similarly, they take the taking, the praising and glorifying God by all beings to the allegorical. Therefore, they consider God’s talking to be creating talking, while in the other beings they consider praising and glorifying to be genetic and intrinsic. They believe that talking is, in deed, debarring confined to their own species, thinking that the sacred Essence of God, the Exalted, and other beings cannot talk, or rather they are ”God forbid” dump. They take this to be declaring the innocence of the Sacred Essence, while this is a limitation, or even a disruption and God is innocent of such innocence, as most of the glorifications of the common people are limitation and assimilation. We have already described how the terms were coined for general and absolute conceptions. We add: We are not, anyway, so eager on proving that the divine facts should necessarily come true under linguistic terminological facts, as it is the correctness of the application and the intellectual truth that are principle in such debates, even if the linguistic fact is also confirmed, accordance with the mentioned debates. Thus, we declare that language, talking, speech, writing book, praising, and thanking are diverse degree in portion to the existential growths as each one corresponds to its own growth and degree.

And praising in each case, is for a favor and glorifying is for a comely and perfection. Therefore, God the most Exalted, accordance with His self-knowledge, saw, in the unseen Ipseity His Beautiful Beauty, in the most perfect rank of knowing and seeing, he was happy at his Beautiful Essence at the highest degree of delight. Thus, He manifested in the eternal manifestation and the highest degree of manifestation and the highest degree of manifestation in the Essence for the Essence. This manifestation and communicating”? is unseen mystery of and the “self-argument”? is a “self-speech”? which occurs with the tongue of the Essence in the Invisible. Being witness, this spoken manifestation is hearing the Essence. This praising of the Essence for the Essence of Gou is God’s praise which the other beings are unable to comprehend such that the sacred person of the Sealing Prophet, the most noble and nearest to God, confess his impotency and says: “I am not able to count the praises for you, You are as You have praised1 Yourself.”? It is known that counting the praises is a branch of knowing the perfection and Beauty, but as the complete knowledge of the absolute Beauty is impossible, likewise the real praise cannot be fulfilled. The ultimate knowledge of the people of knowledge and mystic is to confess incapability, the knowledgeable people declare that God, the Exalted, praises and glorifies Himself through five tongues, being the tongue of the Essence as such, the God of the Unseen Oneness, the tongue of the collective Unity the tongue of the “Distinct Names”? and the tongue of the entities. These are other than the tongues of manifestness the first of them is the tongue of Volition down to the end ranks of individuations being the tongue of the existential multiplicities.

Beware that the entire beings take part or have share of the unseen realm, which is life only that running throughout the whole House of Existence. This case has been confirmed to people of high philosophy by reasons and to the people of heart and knowledge by guardians of the revelation (A.S) refers to it quite clear.

The Veiled people of the common philosophy and literalism, who were not able to recognize the tongue of beings, reconstruct to interpretation and justification. It is quite odd the people of literalism who invalidate the people of philosophy foe commenting the Book of God due to their own understanding, they themselves reconstruct in this case, to comment so many of the pain verses and out right correct traditions only due to this case that they were not able to recognize the words of the beings, even without offering a reason at their disposal. Thus, they translate  the  Qur’an  with  no  proof  and  only  due  to  the improbability. Anyhow, the House of Existence is the origin of life and the truth of understanding and consciousness.

The glorification of the beings is pronunciation and volitional, not genetic, innate, as the veiled claim. All beings are familiar with the state of God, the most Exalted, in proportion to share of being. Now, because there is no being busier with nature and more clement in multiplicity than man, he, thus, is more wrapped unveils than other beings unless he takes off his clothes of a human, and pierces the veil of multiplicity and otherness, so as to be able to witness, unveiled the Beauty of the Beautiful, in which case, his praise and glorification would be more capacious than all praise and glorification, and he would be worshipping God with all His divine affairs and all his Names and Attributes.

Adapted from: "A Commentary on the Chapter of ‘Praise’" by: "Ayatullah Khomeini (R.A)"

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