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Two Traps That Lead to Drug Dealing

Drug dealing is considered a crime in most- if not all- of the countries around the world, except for marijuana in some states in America. Because of the spreading of drug use and its ban, there is a common question for Muslims, “What is the Islamic judgment on selling and taking drugs”?

The answer to the question is put in a couple of pictures:
1.    Selling- Which is seen prohibited, meaning the transaction and deal is considered invalid and an unlawful trade, unless it is sold for medical necessity uses.
2.    Farming drugs- which is also taboo unless it was farmed to be used for medical needs.
3.    Using the drugs- It is considered prohibited and taboo unless there is a necessity to use them for medical reasons and a professional doctor prescribed them. 
After understanding the Islamic judgments another question pops up, “Why are Muslim men falling into drug dealing”?
So these are what I see as traps not only Muslims but non-Muslims as well fall into that lead them into drug dealing and abuse:
•    Poverty-  The most places that are hit with drug dealing and abuse are the large cities with low income. Being poor creates hardship for people and hardship is something that humans by nature want to get rid of in any way possible as long as it gets them the relaxation that they desire. This fact makes many unfortunates in wealth to seek drug dealing as their solution to poverty, and where do they start selling? In their community which is also probably a low income city or state. Not all people have the patience to withstand poverty and it is this kind of poverty that is dispraised by the infallibles (pbut), the kind with no patience.  Like the saying of the holy prophet (pbuh) “Poverty is a shameful face in the two worlds”(1)
•    Greed- Imam Al-Baqir (a.s) said “How wretched is the servant who is a slave of his own greed, which controls him”.(2) Greed is an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. Unfortunately, many people see drugs as a door to reach their desire to be filthy rich, others see it as a stair way to become powerful especially with the availability of gangs. This desire becomes the one that controls your actions, it is the one moving you. That means you are a slave of your desire and desire does not care about hell or heaven nor does it care about the community, it even does not care about the individual as it may lead him to disasters. So if it wants wealth or power, it makes you get it in any way possible even if it is through drug dealing or any action that is taboo. 
So we ask Allah (swt) to help us fight greed, to enrich us, and give us patience to withstand poverty.

1.     Awali Al-Lali v.1 p 40-41 (Ibn Abi Jamhur) 
2.     Al-Kafi v.2 p320


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