Rafed English



Taqlid 1
Taharat 5
Pure and Mixed Water 5
Kurr Water 5
Under-Kurr Water 6
Running Water 7
Rain Water 8
Well Water 9
Rules Regarding Waters 9
Rules Concerning Use of Lavatory 11
Istibra 13
Mustahab and Makrooh Acts 14
Najis Things 15
Urine and faeces 15
Semen 15
Dead Body 16
Blood 17
Dogs and Pigs 18
Kafir 18
Alcohol Liquor 19
Beer (Fuqa) 19
Sweat of an Animal Who Persistently Eats Najasat 19
Ways of Proving Najasat 20
How a Pak Thing Becomes Najis 21
Rules Regarding Najasaat 23
Mutahhiraat 25
Water 25
Earth 31
The Sun 32
Transformation(Istihala) 33
Change (Inqilab) 33
Transfer (Intiqal) 34
Islam 35
Subjection(Taba'iyat) 35
Removal of original najasat 36
Confining (Istibra)of aniamal which feeds on najasat 37
Disappearance of a Muslim 37
Draning of blood from the slaughtered animal 38
Rules About Utensils 39
Wudhu 41
Wudhu By Immersion (Wudhu Irtimasi) 44
Recommended Supplications 45
Condition for the Validity of Wudhu 46
Rules Regarding Wudhu 52
Things for which Wudhu is Obligatory 55
Things which Invalidate Wudhu 57
Jabira Wudhu 57
Ghusl: Obligatory Baths 61
Rules Regarding Janabat 61
Forbidden Acts for those in Junub 63
Things which are Makrooh for Junub 63
Ghusl for Janabat 64
Tartibi (Squence) 64
Irtimasi(By submerging the whole body) 65
Rules About Ghusl 66
Kinds of blood Seen by Women 70
Istihaza 70
Rules of Istihaza 70
Hayz 78
Rules for Haaez 80
Types of Women in Hayz 84
Some Further Details About Haaez 85
Women having habit of time 89
Women having the habit of duration 90
Various Rules Related to Hayz 93
Nifas 95
Ghusl for Touching a Dead Body 98
Rules Related to a Dying person 100
Rules to follow aftre the Death 101
The Obligation of Ghusl, Kafan, Namaz and Dafn 101
The Method of Ghusl of Mayyit 103
Rules Regarding Kafan 106
Rules of Hunut 108
Namaz-e-Mayyit 110
Method of Namaz-e-Mayyit 112
Mustahab Acts of Namaz-e-Mayyit 113
Burial of the Dead Body 115
Namaz-e-Wahshat 120
Exhumation 120
Muststahab Ghusls 123
Tayammum 125
Things on Which Tayammum is allowed 131
Method of Performing Tayammum 133
Instead of Ghusl or Wudhu 133
Orders Regarding Tayammum 133
Rules of Namaz 140
Obligatory Daily Namaz 140
Time for Zuhr and Asr Prayers 140
Namaz-e-Jumuah 141
Time for Maghrib and Isha Prayers 144
Time for Fajr Prayers 145
Rules Regarding Namaz Times 145
The Prayers which should be Performed in Sequence 148
Mustahab Prayers 150
Daily Nafilah Prayers 151
Ghufaila Prayers 152
Rules of Qibla 152
Covering the Body in Prayers 154
Conditions for Dress Worn during Prayers 156
Place where Namaz should be prayed 167
Mustahab Places for Offering Prayers 171
Place where Offering Prayers is Makrooh 172
Rules Regarding a Mosque 173
Adhan and Iqamah 175
Obligatory Acts Relating to Namaz 180
Niyyat 181
Takbiratul Ehram 181
Qiyam 183
Qir'at 186
Ruku 196
Sujood 196
Things on which Sajdah is allowed 201
The Mustahab and Makrooh Things in Sajdah 203
Obligatory Sajdahs in the Holy Qur'an 204
Tashahhud 205
Salam in the Prayers 206
Tartib (Sequence) 207
Muwalat (Maintenance of Success 207
Qunut 208
Translation of Prayers 209
Things which invalidate Prayers 213
Things which are Makrooh in Prayers 219
Occasion when Obligatory Prayers can be Broken 220
Doubts in the Prayers 221
Doubts Which Make Prayers Void 221
Doubts which May be Ignored 221
Doubts of Acts Whose Time of Performance has passed 222
Doubts After Salam 224
Doubts After the Time of Namaz has Passed 224
One who Doubts Too Much 225
Doubts in Mutahab Prayers 226
Doubts Which Are Valid 227
Method of Offering Namaz-e-Ihtiyat 231
Sajdatu Sahv (Sajdatu for Forgotten Acts) 235
The Method of Offering Sajdatu Sahv 237
Qadha of the Forgotten Sajdah and Tashahhud 237
Addition and Omission of the Acts 239
Prayers of a Traveller 241
Qadha of a Father is Obligatory on the Eldest Son 260
Congrgational Prayers 262
Qualification of an Imam of Congregational Prayers 270
Rules of Congregational Prayers 271
Guidelines for Imam and the Follwer 271
Things which are Makrooh in Congregational Prayers 275
Namaz-e-Ayaat 276
Method of Offering Namaz-e-Ayaat 278
Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha Prayers 281
Hiring a Person to Offer Prayers 284
Fasting 287
Niyyat for Fasting 287
Things which make a Fast void 291
Eating and Drinking 291
Sexual Intercourse 293
Istimna (Masturbation) 293
Ascribing Lies to Allah and His Prophet 294
Letting Dust Reach One's Throat 295
Immersing One's Head in Water 295
Remaining in Janabat or Haidh or Nifas Till Fajr Time 297
Enama 301
Vomiting 301
The Rules Regarding Things which Invalidate a fast 302
Things which are Makrooh While Fasting 303
Obligatory Qadha Fast and Kaffarah 303
Kaffarah for Fast 304
When it is Obligatory to Observe Qadha Only 308
Rules Regarding Qadha Fast 309
Fasting by a Traveller 313
People on Whom Fasting is not Obligatory 314
Method of Ascertaining the First Day of a Month 315
Haraam and Makrooh Fasts 317
Mustahab Fasts 318
Mustshab Precautions 319
Khums 320
Profit from Earning 320
Menerals 327
Treasure - Trove 382
When Halal Property gets mixed up with Haraam 330
Gems Obtained by Sea Diving 331
Spoil of Water 332
Land Purchased by a Zimmi from a Muslim 333
Disposal of Khums 333
Zakat 336
Zakat of Wheat, Barley, Dates and Raisins 338
Minimum Taxabale Limit of Gold 343
Taxable Limit of Silver 343
Zakat payable on Camel, Cow and Sheep 345
Minimum Taxable Limit of Cows 347
Taxable of Sheep (Including Goats) 348
Zakat on Bussiness Goods 350
Disposal of Zakat 350
Qualilfications of those Entitled to Receive Zakat 354
Intention of Zakat 356
Miscellaneous Rules of Zakat 356
Zakat of Fitra 364
Miscellaneous Matters Regarding Fitra 365
Hajj 368
Transaction 372
Rules Regarding Purchase and Sales 372
Mustahab Acts 372
Makrooh Transactions 373
Haraam Transactions 373
Conditions of Saller and a Buyer 378
Conditions Regarding Commodity and what is Obtained in Exchange 380
Formula of Purchase and Sale 382
Purchase and Sale of Fruits 382
Cash and Credit 383
Conditions for Contract by Advance Payment 384
Laws Regarding Advance Payment Contract 386
Sales of Gold and Silver Against Gold and Silver 387
When One Has a Right to Cancel a Transaction 387
Miscellaneous Rules 391
Laws of Partnership 392
Orders Regarding Compromise 396
Rules Regarding Lease/Rent 399
Condition Regarding the Property Given on Lease 401
Miscellaneouse Rules Relating to Lease/Rent 403
Rules Regarding Ju'ala (Payment of Reward) 407
Rules Regarding Muzari'ah 409
Rules Regarding Musaqat and Mugharisa 412
Persons Who Have No Right of Disposal or Discretion Over Their Own Property 414
Rules Regarding Agency(Wakalat) 416
Rules Regarding Debt or Loan 418
Rules Regarding Hawala (Transfering the Debts etc.) 422
Rules Regarding Mortgage (Rahn) 424
Rules Regarding Personal Guarantee For Bail 427
Rules Regarding Deposit Or Custody Or Trust 428
Rules Regarding Borrowing, Lending (Ariya) 432
Marriage 435
Marraige Formula 435
The Method of Pronouncing the Marriage Formula 436
Conditions of Pronouncing Nikah 437
Occasions When Husband or Wife Can Nulify Nikah 440
Women With Whom Matirimony is Haraam 441
Mut'ah (Temporary Marriage) 448
Looking at non-Mahram 450
Miscellaneouse Rules Concerning Marriage 451
Rules Regarding Sucking a Child 455
Conditions of Sucking Which Causes to be Mahram 457
How To Breast Feed A Child 460
Miscellaneous Rules Regarding Nursing a Child 460
Divorce 463
Iddah of Divorce (The Waiting Period after Divorce) 465
Irrevocable and Revocable Divorce 468
Orders Regarding Return (Ruju) 468
Khula' Divorce or Talaqul Khula 469
Mubarat divorce 470
Various Rules Regarding Divorce 471
Usurpation(Ghasb) 473
Rules of the Lost Property When Found 477
Slaughtering and Hanting of Animals 481
Method of Slaughtering Animals 482
Conditions of Slaughtering Camel 482
Mustahab Acts While Slaughtering Animals 485
Makrooh Acts While Slaughtering Animals 485
Hunting With Weapons 485
Hunting With a Retriever (Hunting Dog) 488
Rules of Things Allowed to Eat and Drink 490
Eating Manners 492
Acts Which are unworthy to do while taking a meal 494
Manners of Drinking Water 495
Vow and Covenant 496
Rules Regarding Oath (Qasam) 501
Rules Regarding Waqf 503
Rules Regarding Will (Wasiyyat) 507
Inheritance 514
Inheritance of the First Group 515
Inheritance of the Second Group 517
Inheritance of the Third Group 522
Inheritance of the Husband and the Wife 526
Miscellaneous Rules of Inheritance 528

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