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9 Things You Should Never Wear to the Gym

Forget fashion—your exercise clothes could be messing with your workout

Worst Workout Wear

1. 100% Cotton Clothing

2. Worn-out Footwear

3. Unsupportive Sports Bras

4. Boxers or Briefs

5. Wearable Hardware

6. Loud Ear Gear

7. Baggy Garb

8. oo-Tight Attire

9. Heavy Perfumes and Lotions

Worst Workout Wear

When it comes to working out, motivation plays a big part in determining your success, but what you wear also matters. Baggy sweats and cotton t-shirts may be comfy, but they can also wreak havoc on your body. The right workout clothes, on the other hand, wick away sweat, display movements clearly, and protect sensitive skin. Consider yourself an exercise veteran? Don’t assume you’re immune. Gym rats and newbies alike are at risk of falling victim to these athletic-apparel offenders. So before you lace up your favorite sneakers or pull on your go-to sports bra, get the skinny on what you should really wear to maximize your sweat sessions.

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