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5 Ways Chocolate Boosts Workout Results

Turns out chocolate can make you leaner, healthier, and faster. How sweet is that?

Sweet Deal

1. Fiber Without Sugar

2. Antioxidant Power

3. Iron for Muscles

4. Guilt-free Flavor

5. Recovery Nutrients

Sweet Deal

Chocoholics, rejoice. You now have permission not only to indulge, but also to be only half joking when you claim the plant-based food is your favorite vegetable. Plenty of research shows that chocolate is laced with antioxidants that lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and boost endurance. And—not that you need more arm-twisting—it can actually be good for your waistline: Researchers at the University of California in San Diego found that people who regularly indulge in chocolate (as many as five servings a week) had a lower body-mass index than those who mostly go without. That doesn’t mean you should plow through an entire Whitman’s Sampler in one sitting. This assorted mix lets you reap the benefits without feeling the guilt. (Are you looking for a salt fix instead? These 10 Healthy Chip Options will satisfy your craving for something savory without derailing your diet.)

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