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5 Positives of Twin Pregnancy

Why dwell on the negatives of a twin pregnancy when you can enjoy the many positives of this wonderful time?

Amidst the extensive list of what may, but should not, be interpreted as "negative" symptoms in twin pregnancy, there are some undeniable positives:

1. Acceptable Weight Gain

How long have we waited for that? A lifelong -- and typically self-denying -- Pop-Tart lover, I reveled in the consumption of not one, but both succulent pastries on an almost daily basis. (You're right. Pop-Tarts, delicious though they may be, weren't the healthiest breakfast option. When I gained 11 pounds in one month, it was pretty easy to determine the culprit. Although weight gain is certainly expected, my ob-gyn gently reminded me to be a bit more "occasional" with the double Pop-Tart-fests.)

2. Pregnancy Glow

It's true! You, as a double baby-bearer, are likely to absolutely ignite with it. Caused by the increased blood flow to the skin, you literally should have twice the glow of your pregnant-with-single-baby pals. Twincandescence. Enjoy it. Consider having your picture taken.

3. Helping Hands

People will bend over backwards (and they'll need to, because you certainly can't) assisting you with heavy doors, lifting even the lightest of loads, making meals, whatever they can do to help. Let them. Accept assistance graciously, remembering the times you have helped others in a similar state.

4. Relief from Usual Discomforts

Weeks of potential relief from chronic conditions/discomfort. As difficult as it seems to believe, in many cases, mine included, the hormonal upheaval of pregnancy (intensified in twin pregnancy) often minimizes/soothes the day-to-day physical imperfections of your pre-pregnancy life. My prescription drug requiring allergies? Nary a symptom during my pregnancy...especially welcome since my prescription was not approved for use while knocked up or breastfeeding. Equally absent was my chronic knee/joint pain. Remarkable, since the discomfort is typically exacerbated with even the slightest weight gain -- and I piled on 45 pounds in short order. A friend who suffers with fibromyalgia experienced her longest absence of symptoms during the months of her pregnancy. Clearly no guarantees exist, but you may find yourself relieved of some of your usual conditions as a result of your "babies on board" state.

5. Your Growing Belly!

You've seen people throughout your life lovingly caressing a tummy large with child. Now's your chance. You have two babies in there who can feel your touch and hear your voice. Massage them, sing to them, and read to them. Their birth will be a face-to-face meeting with a very special someone they already know through their other senses. Encourage Daddy to do it, too.

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