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5 Must-Have Cleaning Tools

By Arianne Cohen

Hotel maids clean so quickly because they carry key tools right on their bodies, says Tanya Gonzaga, housekeeping manager at the Sanctuary Hotel New York in Manhattan. All you need:

1. A Cleaning Apron

Get one with a loop large enough to hang 2 or 3 spray bottles, deep pockets for your tools, and at least one wide pocket big enough to stash trash. Try: The Clean Team Speed Cleaning Apron.

2. Reusable Microfiber Cloths

They attract and grip dust and dirt, so you only need to wipe surfaces once. Get two fine-woven cloths for glass and shiny surfaces, and three large-loop cloths for general cleaning of dusty surfaces.

3. Eraser Sponge

A special two-sided sponge made to easily remove countertop stains with plain water.

4. Old Toothbrush

Great for cleaning small crevices and hard-to-reach places.

5. Deactivated Credit Card

Use it for scraping up stuck-on gunk.

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