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5 Flower Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This proverb is analogous to giving the gardening mom in your life fresh cut flowers for mother’s day. Instead, give her flower gardening supplies to help keep her vase full all summer long.
1. Fairy Garden Supplies
Fairy gardening is a hot gardening trend, and it’s accessible to gardeners with little or no land. The object of fairy gardening is to create a miniature habitat that could attract fairies, garden gnomes, or forest elves, so shop for accessories that make this ethereal world spring to life: fairy or animal figurines, miniature fences and arbors, tiny bird nests, and fairy houses or doors.
2. Garden Pruning Shears
Don’t worry, giving your mom a pair of garden pruning shears isn’t the equivalent of giving her a vacuum cleaner. This tool enables her to do the kind of cleaning and tidying mom actually enjoys. You can shop for pruners with a sap groove to catch juices that might otherwise cause the blades to stick together. To prevent hand fatigue, buy pruners with a ratcheting handle that requires less effort to operate.
3. Flower Seeds
Flower garden seeds are an ideal choice for someone on a budget. If the recipient has small children, consider giving seeds that the kids can help plant, like easy-to-grow sunflower seeds and cosmos. If the recipient is busy, add value to the gift of seeds with some sweat equity: offer to plant the flower garden for the mom!
4. Flower Pots
If you haven't shopped for a flower pot lately, you'll notice that the offerings are far more diverse than utilitarian terra cotta pots and plastic containers of years ago. You can buy glazed pottery in every rainbow and earth-toned hue conceivable to match mom's home, landscape, and favorite flowers. Or, think outside the "pot" and give an unexpected container already planted, like a cowboy boot with trailing petunias.
5. Gardening Journals
A garden journal chronicles mom's ideas for and impressions about her flower garden. Every mom’s garden story is different, and she can use her journal to record gardening successes and failures, pest outbreaks, weather anomalies, and fertilizing schedules. Buy a garden journal with folders or pockets so she can insert photographs and garden magazine clippings.

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