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5 creative ways to decorate a porch

Porches come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes time to decorate the porch, most people strive to create a welcoming space that promotes relaxation.

There are many ways to make the porch a visually interesting entrance to your home. Consider the following design and decorating tips to make your porch stand out.

1. Incorporating furniture. For comfort, large wicker chairs with puffy cushions are ideal. For those who have a traditional wraparound porch (or even those who don't), rocking chairs are a wonderful addition. These can often be found at thrift stores and garage sales. Even if you don't find two that match, the mismatch is part of the charm. Just paint them the same color -- clean white for a traditional look or bright and bold, such as cherry red, lime green or electric blue, for a splash of color.

2. Infusing a water feature. Nothing is as soothing as walking up to a house and hearing the sound of running water. By placing a water fountain or rock garden with a water feature, this calming trickle can be achieved. To really add pizzazz, you can opt for a vertical water wall to create a waterfall effect.

3. Surprising guests with a wall mirror. Depending on the configuration of the porch, a large, framed mirror adds visual interest and can make the space look larger. It's also unexpected. A used, large mirror with an ornate frame is the type of item that can be found at thrift stores or through sellers online. The frame can easily be painted to give a fresh pop of color or a weathered, rustic look.

4. Adding plants and flowers. Any type of patio is going to look better with the addition of plants and flowers. Hanging baskets with colorful annuals that complement the house color are always an easy way to spruce things up. Containers with mixes of flowers and greens add interest. Containers look best with something tall in the center and smaller, flowering plants spilling over the edge.

5. Lighting it up. Nothing adds ambiance like lighting. Making your porch look gorgeous in the evening is just as important as making it attractive during the daylight hours. That's especially true if you live in a warm climate where you spend a lot of evening hours outdoors. Wrapping some white lights around trees, adorning your eves with lanterns or special outdoor lights can create an amazing evening look.

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