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3 Steps to an Organized Laundry Room

1. Do One Load A Day

It's simple math: the more family members you have, the more laundry you do. Satterfield advises to make it a habit: "Wash, dry, and fold at least one load a day. Of course there are days that I dread this task, but not nearly as much as seeing a HUGE pile of laundry that needs to be washed on "laundry day."

2. Let the Kids Help.

Because kids can be natural helpers, Satterfield doesn't want to stifle their willingness to help, so they're almost always allowed to help with age appropriate tasks. "From an early age, they learn to put toys away in their rooms, put dirty laundry in baskets, and help transfer washed laundry to the dryer," Satterfield says. "As they age, they are allowed to help with more complicated tasks."

3. Don't Forget the Little Things

When it comes to spring cleaning and the laundry room, don't forget the basic maintenance! "There are certain tasks that need to be completed on the washer and dryer, like cleaning out the dryer vent, emptying the pump filter, etc.," Satterfield says. "I also go through the storage areas to clean out products we no longer need."

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