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11 Things You Don't Tell Your Trainer (But Should!)

Keep an open dialogue with your personal trainer about these common issues so you can get the fitness level and lean-body results you want!

Things You Don't Tell Your Trainer (But Should)

1. "I'm frustrated I'm not seeing results."

2. "I can't afford to do this for very long."

3. "I need you to push me more-or less."

4. "I'm afraid of bulking up or gaining weight."

5. "I'm in pain but don't want you to know."

6. "My spouse isn't supporting me in this endeavor."

7. "I'm uncomfortable working out in the gym."

8. "I hate this exercise!"

9. "I'm doing a cleanse."

10. "I have diabetes."

11. "I had a few too many drinks last night."

Things You Don't Tell Your Trainer (But Should)

Maximize your training results So this is the year you're really going to shed fat, gain muscle, and get lean for good. Signing up with a qualified personal trainer can help you reach your goals by providing accountability and the tools you need to take your fitness to a new level.

When you sign up with a trainer, you'll fill out a form that includes your medical history and what you want to get out of your sessions. Leaving out a crucial bit of information out of embarrassment (i.e. a health condition) or because you don't think it's important may compromise your workout and even result in injury. It's also important to tell your trainer if you're frustrated or otherwise unhappy with the workout so he or she has a chance to help you. Here are common complaints trainers often don't hear-and why you should tell them.

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