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10 Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home or Office

  1. Clean as you go. If you take it out put it back. Make it a point to complete a task or activity by returning used items to their proper place. Wipe down counters after use and pick up spills when they occur.
  2. Be sure the environment is clean before you leave it. Before heading out, be sure that the clutter is picked up and that the home or office is in presentable condition. Returning to a clean environment is great!
  3. Don’t put off cleaning tasks. Instead of letting clutter, dirt and dust out of control, address messes as soon as you notice them.
  4. Get everyone involved. Kids and coworkers can be partners in helping to keep the environment mess free. Give younger children specific tasks, like putting their dirty clothes and the cabinets and encourage coworkers to pitch in with cleanup.
  5. Have a place for everything. When everything has a place it is easier to not only put things away, but find them when you need them. It also prevents clutter from accumulating.
  6. Avoid wearing shoes in the home. Shoes track mud, dirt and lawn care chemicals from the outdoors in. While you can’t ask people do remove their shoes when entering your business, you can make the areas easy to clean by utilizing throw rugs in heavy traffic areas.
  7. Keep cleaning supplies handy. Keep cleaning supplies within arm’s reach to increase use. Store bathroom cleaner and paper towels under the sink and keep your favorite counter cleaner on the counter or under the kitchen sink.
  8. Have company. If you’re struggling with weekly cleaning, have dinner guests. There’s no better way to get motivated to clean than by hosting a gathering.
  9. Put a basket by the stairs. In multilevel homes and offices having a basket by the stairs to toss items in can help ensure they get returned to their proper floor.
  10. Hire a weekly housekeeper. If weekly home maintenance is overwhelming, consider hiring a weekly housekeeper. For a surprisingly small investment, you can have a super clean house without putting in the work.

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