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10 Reasons to Grow Fruits and Vegetables in Containers

Growing vegetables in containers is an easy and effective way to cut into your food budget, provide fresh foods for your table, and is a relaxing hobby that will cost you very little money. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, here are 10 reasons that you should consider growing fruits and vegetables in containers this year.

Container gardening is great for those with a small space. Even without a yard, fruits and vegetables can be grown on a porch or patio. Container gardening makes controlling weeds easier. While I think many people overestimate the impact of weeds growing near their vegetables and other plants, containers make it easy to control weeds. The container dirt should primarily consist of potting or garden soil that is purchased and is weed free. The container will also be a more difficult place for wind blown seeds to land. The small area of the container will make weeding easier and its elevation will also help the weeding process.

Container gardening is ideal for the elderly and children. Having containers right near a porch or even on the porch makes it a safe hobby. You can even sit in a chair and deal with your container plants.

Again the purchased soil is less likely to harbor bugs and diseases. Grubs and other bugs that can destroy plants in a traditional garden are unlikely to find ways into your containers.

Containers can be moved. No need to carefully mow and trim around your vegetable garden. Simply mow an area, move the containers, and mow where they were sitting.

The movable containers of produce can also be brought indoors in case of severe weather. High winds, swift moving flood waters, hail, and other weather can destroy a garden. With container gardening you can simply put the containers in the garage and place them back outside when the weather calms.

Container gardening can mean longer production time. By bringing containers inside at night, plants can be started earlier in the year and protected later in the year.

Watering a container garden is easy. No need to saturate large areas of land to water your plants and vegetables. Water the plant and the container and you are done. Over watering isn't a serious problem either as the extra water runs out the holes in the container.

Large equipment is not needed for container gardening. Plowing and tilling soil is unnecessary for container gardening. Fences and other rodent deterrent is usually unnecessary as well.

Dealing with picky fruits and vegetables is easier with container gardening. Plants that need long hours of sun can be moved to get the longer sun exposure, plants that need less sun can be moved into shade to meet their needs, and plants that need shade most of the day can be easily shaded.

This is just 10 of the many advantages of that container gardening for fruits and vegetables offers. Give it a try this summer.

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