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10 Natural Remedies for the Flu

As we enter into the flu season, chances are that many people will experience the effects of a cold or flu. Highly contagious, colds are the name we give for over 100 mild viral influenza forms.

There are many natural ways to both prevent and reduce the symptoms of the common cold and raise your immunity during this vulnerable season. If you follow these recommendations, chances are your flu catching ability will be lessened.

1. Vitamin D

Boosting up on Vitamin D helps to prevent colds and flu. This may be related to the necessary role this vitamin plays in the protection and lubrication of many of the body’s principle organ systems. It also boosts cellular growth and immune cell activity, and lowers the inflammatory response. I recommend 15 minutes daily of natural sunlight, consuming more foods with vitamin d and possibly taking a vitamin D3 supplement.

2. Vitamin C and Citrus Fruits

If you have had a lingering cold that just wont go away, chances are you are not getting enough vitamin C. A powerful support for the common cold, you can take up to 2000mg four times daily. Fresh squeezed lemon is also a good way to naturally supplement vitamin C levels. The benefits of drinking lemon juice mixed in water go beyond the naturally occurring vitamin C. Lemons aid the body in purifying the lymphatic system, which is a crucial component of fighting off colds. Squeeze ½ lemon in one cup of purified warm water and drink 3 or more times daily. For particularly mucous-ridden colds, you can add black pepper and fresh or powdered ginger.

3. Zinc Orotate

Double blind studies have shown that zinc reduces both the intensity and the duration of the common cold by up to 50%. I take a zinc supplement when I want a strong anti-viral response. Zinc Orotates increase lysosome activity, which attacks viruses and has been an effective immune booster for the flu by lowering the viral load. Try taking a zinc supplement.

4. Organic Oregano Oil

An extremely potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent that relieves congestion and inflammation. I recommend about 9 drops of organic oregano oil taken internally in a capsule after meals on a full stomach.

5. Organic Turmeric

An amazing herbal remedy, turmeric is a strong antimicrobial that helps push out out bacterial and viral infections. You can purchase in capsule forms, or you can buy the herb fresh or dried. For a cold-fighting tea, place a ¼ tsp. in hot purified water and drink often. This herbal jewel also helps ease sore throats. For a throat-coat for comfort, place 1/2 tsp. of turmeric in 2 tablespoons of raw honey and let seep down the throat.

6. Organic Germanium-132

I recommend taking about 600mg daily. The best source is available at: JARROW Formulas Germanium Ge-132 100 mg. – 60 Capsules. I would recommend reading this article about Germanium-132 for attacking viruses.

7. Organic Echinecea

An immune booster, this herb is a strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent. It is also a potent blood purifier, and overly-toxic blood may lead to flu and cold responses. Echinecea has also been shown to increase immune-boosting white blood cell counts in the body. If you have a cold, take 3 droppers full of tincture in warm water or drink as a tea.

8. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

A well-known natural healing agent, Apple Cider Vinegar is a good herb to take with a cold. Drink a mixture of 1/2 cup of purified water with 2 teaspoons of organic raw apple cider vinegar 3 times daily until symptoms disappear. After consuming, drink some more water to rinse the acid of the teeth. You can also sprinkle a little on your pillow before going to bed to breathe in the fumes while you sleep. I recommend Braggs apple cider vinegar, but any brand that still has “the mother” will work well.

9. Detoxified Iodine

“In 1945, J.D. Stone and Sir McFarland Burnet (who later went on to win a Nobel Prize for his Clonal Selection Theory) exposed mice to lethal amounts of influenza viral mists. The lethal disease was prevented by putting iodine solution on mice snouts just prior to placing them in chambers containing influenza viruses.” I recommend 3 drops 2x daily of Detoxadine until symptoms diminish. Learn more about the different types of iodine supplements.

10. Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver

Many types of Silver are available. I recommend Silver Fuzion.
Other Ways to Fight the Flu

Avoid Milk and dairy, alcohol, coffee, animal meat or products, microwaved food or beverages, sugar, artificial sweeteners, white flour

I avoid flu vaccines. It is scientifically impossible to create a flu vaccine as influenza has a different genetic pattern each time it replicates and is different every year. Each years flu vaccine is created from the previous year. Basically, the flu vaccine is nothing more than a money generating toxic injection.

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