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Zionism, the Offensive Policies, Cultural and Gender Infiltrations

Zionism, the Offensive Policies, Cultural and Gender Infiltrations

Farzaneh Nikooboresh Rad

Global Zionism has designed a variety of policies that are offensive political and cultural organize policies designed to penetrate and influence Islamic countries, and within this they have made large investments in fields concerning the issues facing Muslim women. Among the schemes and devices of Zionism is the proliferating of liberal, feminist and humanistic thoughts, pornography, negating religion from the minds of Muslim women, sex trading and the expansion of prostitution among them, penetration of the areas of training and educational systems and damaging this social stratum through financial and economic pressures imposed upon them are all, in line with it's ultimate goal of converting the world into one great Jewish state, putting the reins of leadership in the hands of the Zionists. The acquiring of comprehensive and precise knowledge of the Zionists' goals and plans can play a significant role in forming the dimensions of the challenges facing Muslim women and arming them with appropriate defense mechanisms against these invasions.

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