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The Absolute 'Hasana' (Good) is the Wilyat of Ali ibne Abi Talib (a.s.)

Similarly, the Hasana, which is the 'absolute good', is the Love and friendship of Ali (a.s.) and the progeny of Ali (a.s.). Quran has promised that on the Day of Resurrection, the one who will come with 'absolute good' will get the best reward and he will remain in peace from the fright of that Day :

Whoever brings good, he shall have better than it; and they shall be secure from terror on the day. (27:89)

In the Quranic commentaries of the Ahle Sunnat people like Tafsir Kashshaf of Zamakhshari, Tafsir Kabir of Fakhruddin Raazi, Tafsir of Tha'labi and Tafsir Ruhul Bayan etc, it is mentioned that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said that the one who dies with the love and friendship with Aale Muhammad (a.s.) in his heart will die as a repentant and clean one and when he is raised from the grave he would enter the grand field of gathering (Mahshar) happily. He will neither feel afraid nor any uneasiness overtake him. Paradise will be decorated for him just as the bridal apartment is adorned for the bride...(till the end of the lengthy narration).

What I wanted to present was the part showing that the followers of Ali (a.s.) will be in peace in Qiyamat.

Adapted from the book: "The Hereafter (Ma'aad)" by: "Ayatullah Dastghaib Shiraazi"

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