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How is it possible for an individual, however great he might be, to play such a decisive role in the world's future, when it is known that no individual can, by himself, make history?

To restructure the question one may implement a Nigerian proverb that states:

A man cannot sit down alone to plan for prosperity.

Thus it contradicts commonsense if one claims that he alone will be the designer and the executer of global prosperity.

This question is based on a particular viewpoint about history, which explains historical development on the basis where man is only a secondary factor, whereas the main factor consists of the forces which work around him. In this model, man is at best an intelligent interpreter of the interplay of these forces.

It is evident that history has two poles, one of them being man and the other the material forces around him. Just as material forces influence man, such as the conditions of production, similarly man also influences the material forces around him. There is no justification for supposing that action always begins with matter and ends at man. The opposite can also be true. In history, man and matter have always been interacting. If the interacting force of man is Divine then his role in life will also assume the Divine hue, and then it is the Divine Force that directs the course of history.

This has been proven by the history of the mission of the prophets, and especially by the life of history of the last Divine Messenger. Muhammed (saws) who assumed control of the course of history and created a culture which could not have been created by the external circumstances around him. That which was accomplished by the greatest of the prophets can also be accomplished at the hands of the Awaited Savior of his family -the Leader whose appearance has been predicted by the Holy Prophet (saws) and about whose great role mankind has already been informed.

Adapted from the book: "The Awaited Saviour; Questions and Answers"

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