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Feeding Your Baby - Common Concerns

Feeding Your Baby - Common Concerns

Trouble with burping

Some babies burp easily, others do not. Try to burp your baby once during a feeding and then again at the end of a feeding. Also, burp your baby when he/she seems uncomfortable or if he/she falls asleep too soon. Air in your baby’s stomach can cause pain. If your baby has difficulty burping, try changing the baby’s position to raise the air bubble in his/her stomach.

Here are three ways to burp babies:
  • Hold baby at your shoulder and gently pat the middle of his/her back.
  • Sit with baby in a sitting position on your lap. Put one hand under his/her chin and the other on his/her back; gently pat his/her back.
  • Place your baby on his/her tummy for a few seconds, then bring him/her to your shoulder and gently pat his/her back.
Spitting Up Milk

Babies often spit up small amounts of milk during the first 4-6 months, especially while burping. If your baby spits up a lot, it may be because your baby is drinking too fast or too much, swallowing air while sucking or having too much activity after feeding. If you are worried, talk to your doctor or a public health nurse.

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