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Iftar: Makai Ki Roti

Ingredients :

- 2 Cups Corn Meal ( Maki Ka Atta )

- Water 1 cup

- Oil or Butter 1 table spoon

- Chopped Methi leaves 2 Table Spoons ( or use 2 table spoons of Dry Kasoori Methi leaves)

Method :

1. Heat the water to boilig.

2. Take a mixing bowl and add the Maki ka Atta and make a well in the centre als add the SALT in it.

3. Add the boiling water in it.

4. Mix the dough with a wooden mixing spoon.

5. Also add the Methi leaves in it

6. Once it cools down knead it with hands.

7. Now rolling this into Roti is a challenge as you can not use dry flour for dusting so it will tend to stick to the surface.

8. Make a ball of the dough and try rolling it with a pin to give it a circular shape and then expand it b patting it by hands.

9. The thickness of the roti should be like a Pan Fried Pizza Base.

10. The Size should be about 6 inches in diameter.

11. Put in to a heated Tawa or a fry pan and cook.

12. Turn sides when golden brown.


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