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Feeding and Diet

What's the Deal with Gluten-Free Foods?

... plus more of the latest and greatest health news that had us talking this week.

Gluten: Harmless for most of us, or diet enemy #1? This exclusive report consults the experts and delivers the facts on going gluten-free. [Refinery 29]

If Pilates is good enough for Kate Hudson, it’s good enough for us. Watch as celeb trainer Brooke Siler discusses how you can get a Pilates body with her latest book, The Women’s Health Big Book of Pilates. [Rodale Books]

Should you blame your mom for your muffin top? A new Harvard study sheds light on so-called “fat genes.” [Men’s Health] 

Unfair fact: Fit women get winded more easily than fit men, says new research. Catch your breath with these expert workout tips. [Women’s Health]

If you're ready to pass out by minute 30 of your favorite spin class, telling yourself you’re “feeling good” could have you pedaling like a pro. A new study found that positive self-talk can help you sweat it out longer, and make your workout feel easier. [New York Times]