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Invalidity of Washing Body in the Place of Ghusl of Janābah 1059
Making the Ghusl whilst Bearing a (Skin) Obstruction to Water Access/Contact 1251
Wuḍū’ Invalidators Arising during One’s Ghusl 1133
Making the Janābah Ghusl with a Wet Instrument (e.g. cloth) 1184
The Water Attributed to the Wuḍū’ Process 796
Removing the Obstruction from One’s Wuḍū’/Ghusl 937
Discovering an Obstruction to Water, after Terminating One’s prayer, on Those Bodily Limbs Involved in the Wuḍū’ Process 811
Sprinkling of Tap Water upon Washing a Najis Thing 944
Khums Year’s Starting Date 760
Khums year 750
To Whom to Pay Khums after Mudāwarah 672
Subtracting the Expenses of 1st Month of New Khums Year from the Last Year’s 742
Khums on Land Bought for Housing Purposes 815
Khums on Proceeds from the Sale of Shares 624
Khums on Profit 639
Savings for Children and Their Khums 671
Khums on Saving Account Installments 715
Not to Fast due to the Period but Discovering Later It Is not 577
Making Qaḍā of Āyāt Prayer by the Woman in Period or 'Puerperium' 807
To Touch Turbah or Offer Prayer during Menses 730
Combining Janābah and Menses Ghusls 815
Women’s Leaving Homes to Alleys 608
Kaffārah of a Promise and an Oath 846
Miscellaneous Issues in Nadhr 777
To Forget a Time-Specified Nadhr 729
Non-compliance with a Nadhr 746
To Take a Nadhr to Marry One’s Daughter to a Sayyid Man 752
To Make a Financial Nadhr while Being Indebted 700
Observing Hired Fasts and Their Manner 647
Manner of Intending One’s Fasts 642
Abandoning One’s Fast due to Difficulties 547
Time of Fasting 713
Mustahab Fasts 864
Some other Q&A about Kaffarahs of Fasting 578
Differences between the Kaffārahs for Those Who Intentionally Break Their Fast and the Kaffārahs for the Ill 592
Some other Q&A about Missed Fast 740
Fasting for That Which Lies upon One’s Shoulder/One Is Liable Towards 675
Break Compensatory Fasts 642
Ruling in Relation to One’s Carelessness in Observing One’s Compensatory Fasts 725
Travelling during the Month of Ramadan 623
Ruling in Relation to Intentionally Breaking One’s Fast 847
To Use Inhaler during Fast 613
The Fasting of a Renal Patient 658
The fasting of breastfeeding women 635
Some other Q&A about Janabah and Masturbation 2671
Remaining in a State of Janābah during the Month of Ramadan 772
Some Q&A about Eating and Drinking 620
Some Q&A about Sighting the Moon of Ramadhan 717
Acknowledging the Arrival of the Month of Ramadan during the Day 699
Oral Bleeding Whilst Fasting 546
Swallowing Mucus While Fasting 806
Sighting the Crescent 703
Duty of a Person Who Failed to Fast 706
Injections during Fasts 642
What do you suggest for mut’ah to be practiced more in society? 994
Why do women oppose temporary marriage, and can a woman ask for divorce upon learning of her husband’s temporary marriage? 998
What is the Islamic law concerning family marriage? 974
What is the Islamic law concerning marriage between a Sayed and a non-Sayed? 921
What is the Islamic law regarding anal intercourse? Is there any objection in it? 1013
According to which Quranic command do religious minorities living in Islamic countries like Iran, who enforce the law of hijab, have to observe the hijab? 855
What is the Shari'ah law concerning marriage with a Sunni girl? 909
If soft music is played in a wedding, what is the Islamic law on a woman dancing in front of other women? 896
What is the Islamic law about a man's relationship with his wife after divorce? 850
What is the Islamic law about women going out with makeup? 814
What is the Islamic law about smiling at a non-mahram while to talking to her? 777
What is the Islamic law about a woman swallowing her husband’s semen? What if she did not know the rule about swallowing semen? 3206
What is the Islamic law about a woman giving her picture to a man outside her family? 741
What is the Islamic law regarding a song sung by a woman with music instruments? What is ghinā? 811
Miscellaneous issues of Marriage 686
The Rules of Viewing (Nazar) 880
Temporary Marriage (Mut’ah) 820
Rules of Permanent Marriage 739
Women With Whom it is Forbidden to Marry 851
Defects For Which it is Permissible to invalidate The Contract 710
Conditions of The Matrimonial Contract 698
The Method of Performing the Seeghah of Permanent and Temporary Marriage 953
The Rules in Matrimony and Marriage 688
Possessor of a Custom of Time 739
The Possessor of a Custom of Time and Number 756
Categories of Menstruating Women 813
The Rules of Transplanting Organs and Postmortems 881
The Rules of Artificial Insemination (For Women) 761
If a woman is divorced and then remarries, then who would be her spouse in the hereafter? 967
Is it necessary to wear the ring on the right hand? 2497
Is it permissible to contract a temporary marriage with a Sunni girl without her father’s consent? 986
Is the marriage of a virgin without her father’s permission valid? In the case of her doing such and now wants a divorce, what should she do? 1037
What is the husband's duty when there is a disagreement between his mother and wife? 1294
I had a relationship with another man and had a baby ... 1003
Is it permissible for Shias to get married to Sunnis? 921
Can a Sunni girl get married to a Shia man and why? Please list the reasons. 1496
Why can married men contract temporary marriages without the consent of their spouses? 1244
I married a woman from Ahlul Kitab thinking she will practice Islam and I have 1 child with her, if she refuses to practice Islam can I divorce her? 945
I am married to a person of the People of the Book, do I have to have her permission for temporary marriage? 1179
Why was a verse revealed telling Muslims that the married women they captured were halal for them? 1075
If a man has an illegitimate relationship with a married woman, but they aren't sure if penetration actually took place between the two, have they committed adultery? 1068
Is it permissible to marry a married man without the consent of his spouse that might commit suicide or divorce if he doesn’t marry me? 1296
If a non-Muslim woman, who is married to a non-Muslim man, converts to Islam, would she have to divorce her husband? 1150
What is the limit of sexual pleasures in temporary marriage? 1105
Is it permissible to contract temporary marriage with a female who is not having her husband with her as he has been living abroad for about 5 years? 934
Why is it permitted for a married man to have a temporary wife, without his wife's approval? 918