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Discussing mental illness with your child 906
Preventing Illness When Kids Go Back to School 901
Mental illness in children: Know the signs 880
What Causes Mental Illness? 872
What Are the Symptoms of Mental Illness in Children? 547
Which Mental Illnesses Are Most Common in Children? 504
What's Motion Sickness? 489
Teaching healthy eating habits 498
When to seek help for your sick child 446
How much exercise a day do children need? 503
Diabetes in school: Tips for teachers 433
Diabetes in school: Tips for parents 461
Kids and sugar — The good, the bad and the ugly 460
Advice about feeding grandchildren — OK to speak up? 480
What messages are kids getting about nutrition? 425
Is it OK to give my child fruit juice? 429
Iron deficiency in children: Prevention tips for parents 509
Acetaminophen and children: Why dose matters 597
Cold medicines for kids: What's the risk? 473
What Is the Outlook for Children With Mental Illness? 504
How Is Mental Illness in Children Treated? 447
How Is Mental Illness in Children Diagnosed? 462
Helping children cope: Tips for talking about tragedy 560
Learning disorders: Know the signs, how to help 488
Children and TV: Limiting your child's screen time 532
Water Safety - Part 1 552
Warning on the rise of children with autism 493
Going to the Orthodontist 674
Coping with Cold Sores 595
Cankes Sores 708
All about Adenoids 616
Offording Braces 703
What's a Cavity? 548
Eak! It's Eczema! 666
What's Hearing Loss? 508
Stuttering 574
Going to the Audiologist 551
Can Loud Music Hurt my Ears? 528
What is Hyperactivity? 579
Dylexia 566
Being Afraid 623
What's Mono? 551
What Makes Chickenpox itch? 553
What is an Ear Infection? 574
The Scoop on Strep Throat 595
Smallpox 632
Pinworms 560
Pinkeye 553
Lyme Disease 599
Fungal Infections 700
Appendicitis 657
Chickenpox 568
Atrial Septal Defect 620
Heart Murmurs 630
Mitral Valve Prolapse 593
Yoga for lowering Stress 568
What if I don't like sports? 671
Taking the Pressure Off Sports Competition 549
Be A Green Kid 575
How to Deal with Hemophilia 471
Do you know about sickle cell Anemia! 518
What's the Deal With Dialysis? 596
Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) 562
Chronic Kidney Diseases 582
Mental Retardation 550
Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate 572
What's West Nile Virus? 713
How to be safe in Ice and Snow 550
What to Do When You're Bugged by Bugs 542
How to be Safe when you're in the sun 651
Computers can be a real pain 544
What's the big Sweat about Dehydration? 658
If I'm Allergic to Nuts, Can I Eat Coconut? 591
What happens if you swallow a bug? 527
Hey! A Tick bit me! 555
5 Reasons Girls should Play Sports 544
How Many Extra Calories Add Up to Obesity for Kids? 567
One in Five Kids May 'Outgrow' Asthma 568
Kids With Autism Benefit From Early Intervention, Regardless of Method 665
Keep your child safe from the negative effects of iron-deficiency anaemia 580
Cool summer tips for your children! 531
Marfan Syndrome 1022
The Reality of Retainers 819
Why do Feet Stink? 876
Will Toothpaste Make a Pimple Go Away? 798
Down Syndrome 679
Cleft Lip and Palate 596
Albinism 559
What Is Epilepsy? 629
spina bifida 810
Proteinuria in Children 745
What Does the Doctor Do with Cataracts? 564
Cataracts in Children 678
Brains of Children with ADHD Show Protein Deficiency 720
Don't Give ADHD Meds to Undiagnosed Kids, Experts Urge 814
Black Children Less Likely to Get Antibiotics: Study 855
One in 50 School-Aged Children in U.S. Has Autism: CDC 843
Keep Kids Safe From Laundry Detergent Packets 693
One in 10 U.S. Kids Diagnosed With ADHD: Report 623
Child's Cancer Often Causes Parents Severe Distress: Study 693