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Feeding the Child

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If the Mother is Deficient in Milk 538
Weaning from Mothers Milk 568
Supplement the Mothers Milk 483
Mother’s Milk: The Best Nutrition 634
Smoking and Breastfeeding 1319
Breastfeeding and special situations 686
Storage of breast milk 773
Common breastfeeding challenges - Engorgement 809
Breastfeeding a baby with health problems 1357
Common breastfeeding challenges - Breast infection (mastitis) 700
Common breastfeeding challenges - Low milk supply 531
Common breastfeeding challenges - Oversupply of milk 715
Common breastfeeding challenges - Sore nipples 682
How to know your baby is getting enough milk 654
Some tips you should Know about Breastfeeding 476
How often should I breastfeed? How long should feedings be? 457
Help with latch problems 529
Signs of a good latch 473
Bringing your baby to the breast to latch 435
How breast milk is made 542
Mothers benefit from breastfeeding 525
Breastfeeding protects babies 542
Mother's Milk 1309
Ready, Set, Breakfast! 689
Super foods for Children 867
Feeding your 1 to 2 year old 739
Hunger and Preschooler 731
Treating Malnourished Children 1257
Who Is at Risk for Malnutrition? 932
Healthy Drinks for Kids 629
Hunger and Malnutrition 806
Finger Foods for Babies 639
Feeding your 8 to 12 Month old 415
Feeding your 4 to 7 Month old 521
About Formula Feeding 531
Formula Feeding Challenges 463
Breastfeeding Challenges 535
How can I increase my milk supply? 453
Breast or Bottle? 540
About Breastfeeding 628
I'm producing too much milk. What can I do? 422
Where should my breastfed baby sleep? 776
Does my breastfed baby need extra vitamins? 740
Is it OK to give my baby breast milk and formula? 538
Is it normal for my baby to spit up after feedings? 675
If I need to give my baby formula, how do I start? 478
How much of my milk should I store in the freezer? 581
When can I start pumping my breast milk? 738
How do I store my breast milk? 476
How often should I alternate breasts? 583
How often should I breastfeed? 442
What are the signs that my baby is hungry? 454
When will my milk come in? 431
When should I begin breastfeeding? 647
Breakfast Basics 601
After-School Snacks 518
Mother's Milk, God's Gift to the Baby 1218
Pacifiers prevent breastfeeding success 502
How many fruits and vegetables should my kids eat each day? 536
How Can I Improve My Child's Eating Habits? 2352
School Lunches 731
Kids and On-the-Go Nutrition 576
Kids and Food: 10 Tips for Parents 578
My Child May Have an Eating Disorder — What Can I Do? 499
My Toddler Hates Vegetables. What Can I Do? 758
Strategies for Feeding a Preschooler 537
Breastfeeding Vs. Formula Feeding 1335
Cooking with Preschoolers 609
Feeding your 1 to 3 Month Old 697
Feeding your Newborn 792
What Should Preschoolers Drink? 769
Cooking with Kids 862
A Guide for First-Time Parents 739
Milk Allergy in Infants 639
Calcium and your Child 892
Vegetarianism and Children 523
Obesity and Children 618
Iron and Your Child 570
Nutrition Guide for Toddlers 630
Healthy Eating 636
Eating on the Go 579
If I Eat Well at Home, What's Wrong With Splurging When I Eat Out? 820
Fighting out Fat and Calories 498
What Are Vitamins and Minerals? 468
Knowing What to Eat 494
Healthy School Meals for Kids 675
Healthy Breakfast Smothies for Kids 821
Is it Safe to Breastfeed if I Have the Flu? 536
Breastfeeding Diet for Mothers 726
Feeding an Active Child 703
Zinc and Our Children 933
How to get your child to eat vegetables 1446
Calcium for Bone Health 2613
Best Brain Foods for Kids 7878
Iron: Helping Your Child Get Enough 1699
How to Make Baby's Mealtime Easier 2003
Kids and Breakfast 1287
How to Feed Properly a Child Who is Involved in Sport Activities 2682
Bottle feeding with formula 3989
Can Feeding Your Child Too Much Healthy Food Be Dangerous? 1701