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Feeding the Child

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Diet Advice for Kids 247
Children's Diets 256
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids 203
Healthy Food for Kids 203
Breast-Fed Baby May Become Higher-IQ Child 202
Breakfast - the healthy way to start the day for your child 214
Growing-up milk: a necessity or a luxury? 251
Are you Offering Your Child Enough Water? 250
How to make eating out with your child both fun and healthy 240
Learn about Prebiotics: Protection for Your Child's Digestive System 209
Toddler’s Menu: Colorful, Tasty and Healthy! 178
Don’t Go Overboard with Juices 219
Give your child important nutrients when he exercises 205
Keep your kids healthy with the Food Guide Pyramid! 204
Best Foods for Kids 490
How can I help my children develop healthy eating habits? 410
4 Nutrients Your Child May Be Missing 420
Feeding Your Teenager - Part 2 411
Feeding Your Teenager - Part 1 652
10 Ways to Raise Food-Smart Kids 434
Proteins in Children's Diets 409
Fruits and Vegetables Your Children Should Be Eating and Why 352
Should my child eat only organic food? 360
Breast-Fed Kids May Have Low Iron Levels, Study Finds 527
Breast-Feeding Won't Prevent Pre-Teen Obesity, Study Finds 645
Ready-to-Eat Foods for Toddlers Often Too Salty: Study 510
Picky Eating in Youngsters Might Be Largely Caused by Genes 342
Over three million children in Syria suffer from crisis, UN says 651
Fast food increases asthma, eczema risk in children 536
HIV and infant feeding 378
Your health and nutrition when breastfeeding 559
Breastfeeding Your Baby 548
Ways to cope when your baby spills milk 1133
Using breastmilk substitutes 750
Expressing milk 800
Tiredness while breastfeeding 642
Stopping breastfeeding 848
Why Breastfeed? 652
Food-related choking in young children 662
I’m under pressure from my family to stop breastfeeding my two year old, how do I deal with that? 667
Breastfeeding older babies and toddlers 784
My family/wh?nau say to put baby on bottle. What can I do? 567
How long to breastfeed 701
Formula feeding 548
When baby is ready for other foods? 561
How breast milk helps baby’s immune system 3019
Too much breast milk 606
Giving baby extra drinks 638
Not enough breast milk 805
Herbs and breastfeeding 641
Timing of Breastfeeding 886
Increasing milk supply 640
Positioning of Breastfeeding 717
Latching 488
Feeding cues 655
Continuing Breastfeeding 573
Amount of breast milk needed 684
Establishment of breastfeeding 673
Preparation is the first stage of breastfeeding 457
Starting out breastfeeding; immediately after baby is born 0–4 days 452
Breastfeeding and Working 537
Breast feeding 604
Increasing breast milk 739
Concentration on Breast Feeding 744
Milk Allergy in Infants and Young Children 786
Fruits and Vegetables Are The Secret To Success In School For Kids 707
Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier 558
Babies Raised On Formula Who Start Eating Solid Foods At Four Months More Likely To Become Obese 966
When to start infant cereal and baby food? 780
Is it OK to give my child fruit juice? 631
Should I give multivitamins to my preschooler? 599
Healthy snacks for kids: 10 child-friendly tips 675
Children and healthy eating: Parents set the example 715
Schools say no to sugary foods 759
Children's nutrition: 10 tips for picky eaters 591
Will school lunch changes mean healthier kids? 783
Kids and sugar — The good, the bad and the ugly 662
School nutrition: Getting beyond 'kid food' 591
Does eating fish make children smarter? 697
Marketing and Mickey — A change in food marketing to children 489
What messages are kids getting about nutrition? 607
Talking to kids about healthy food choices 494
Is Breastfeeding a Good Form of Birth Control? 666
How Can I Overcome Breastfeeding Difficulties? 654
I'm Breastfeeding. How Can I Lower My Baby's Food Allergy Risk? 1957
When Can My Baby Start Drinking Juice? 902
Can I Feed My Baby Honey? 704
Stopping the Bottle 687
When Can My Baby Start Eating Solid Foods? 1349
How Can I Wean My Reluctant 2-Year-Old? 1368
When Can Babies Begin Drinking Cow's Milk? 1080
Weaning Your Child 997
Recommended Time Period of Breastfeeding 751
Recommended Acts of Breastfeeding 793
Benefits of Breast Milk 575
Food for the Newborn Child 660
Reward of Breastfeeding 591
Suckling 584
Weaning the Child 651
The Schedule of Breast Feeding 668