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Feeding the Child

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What About Fat and Cholesterol? 984
The Case for Eating Breakfast 859
Making Sure Your Child is Eating Enough 869
How to Please Fussy Eaters 801
How Much is Enough? 464
Fruit Juice and Your Child's Diet 495
Food Allergies in Children 571
Differences in Organic, Natural, and Health Foods 580
Kids Need Fiber: Here’s Why and How 675
How to breastfeed twins - Part 2 525
How to breastfeed twins - Part 1 550
Do mums have to breastfeed? What if I don't want to? 499
What are the benefits of breastfeeding? 457
Caffeine and breastfeeding 481
How can I express more milk? 488
What's the best way to store breastmilk? 460
How can I express my milk by hand? 476
Expressing and the working mum - Part 2 456
Expressing and the working mum - Part 1 468
Expressing breastmilk - Part 2 461
Expressing breastmilk - Part 1 454
Overabundant milk supply - Part 2 568
Overabundant milk supply - Part 1 576
Diet for a healthy breastfeeding mum - Part 2 509
Diet for a healthy breastfeeding mum - Part 1 426
Is it normal that my baby breastfeeds for only a few minutes at a time? 542
Is it true that stress can cause breastmilk to dry up? 454
Toxins in breastmilk - Part 2 449
Toxins in breastmilk - Part 1 442
Does my breastfed baby need water in hot weather? 511
My three-month-old daughter is demand-fed and each feed takes at least 45 minutes. Is this normal? 437
Feeding from one breast only 407
What to do when your breastfeeding baby bites - Part 2 437
What to do when your breastfeeding baby bites - Part 1 711
Can I give my baby formula milk if I am not sure my breastmilk is enough? 418
When your baby won't breastfeed - Part 2 486
When your baby won't breastfeed - Part 1 453
Low milk supply - Part 2 633
Low milk supply - Part 1 439
Breastfeeding for beginners - Part 2 492
Breastfeeding for beginners - Part 1 459
How can I help my baby develop healthy eating habits? 506
Do I still need to breastfeed? 440
Can I give my baby finger foods? 455
How to prepare baby food safely? 376
How much milk does my six-month-old baby need? 524
What I wish I'd known about starting solids - Part 2 529
What I wish I'd known about starting solids - Part 1 483
How can I tell if my baby is ready for solids? 445
Eating tips for children (4) - preschoolers 1116
Eating tips for children (3) - older toddlers 1161
Eating tips for children (2) - young toddlers 1175
Eating tips for children (1) - babies 1201
What your kids should eat to do well in school 7936
What should children eat? 644
Healthy eating for kids 493
Nutrition for Children and Teens 478
The Essential Breakfast 469
How to Raise a Good Eater 442
15 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Better 432
9 Must-Eat Nutrients for Your Child 795
10 Brain Foods for Kids 632
How to Get Your Picky Eaters to Try Healthy Foods 546
7 Ways to End Picky Eating 548
Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Healthy Food Choices 832
Simple Tricks to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables 562
Teaching Kids Where Meat Comes From 536
Why Picky Eating Can Be Good for Kids 468
4 Easy Ways to Make Healthier Choices 465
The Essential Morning Meal 465
Make Nutrition Fun (And Colorful!) 526
Do Boys Need More Protein? 743
What Foods Should Be Avoided Until a Year Old? 644
How to Get Small Children to Eat Different Food for Dinner 1378
Nutrition Needs for Boys & Men 656
Foods That a 14-Month-Old Should Eat 693
5 Ways to Make Unhealthy Food Healthy 513
Foods That Boys From 2 to 5 Years Love to Eat 635
How to Teach Toddlers Healthy Eating Habits 535
Trying to Get Picky Kids to Eat Healthy Foods 1003
Healthy Foods That a 14-Year-Old Should Eat 560
Parent Tips for Giving Healthy Foods 477
How to Educate a Toddler on Healthy Eating 424
The Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods as a Child 555
Explaining Unhealthy Foods to Toddlers 489
Healthy and Unhealthy Habits 456
What Are the Benefits of Eating Healthy Vs. Unhealthy? 602
Unhealthy Food for Toddlers 536
How Healthy & Unhealthy Foods Affect Children 673
How to Not Be Tempted to Eat Junk Food 567
Why Is Pizza Junk Food? 497
Tips on Avoiding Junk Food for Teenagers 474
Junk Food and Teens 518
How to Find Ways to Make Your Children Eat the Right Food 513
Reasons Eating Junk Food Is Not Good 566
How to Prevent Children From Taking Too Much Junk Food 855
How to Reduce the Intake of Junk Food in Children 506
How Junk Food Affects Children 636
Childhood Obesity 515
Good Nutrition for Children 614