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Obese people 'underestimate how much sugar they eat' 1168
Lethargy In Children 1324
Tips For Acne Free Skin 1855
Tips To Improve Elasticity In Aging Skin 1355
Treat Migraine Naturally With Simple Tips 923
People with Disabilities: Living Healthy 2151
Regular Check-Ups are Important 1330
Food Allergies Less Deadly Than Accidents 1357
Treating Allergies With Pills or Drops Instead of Shots 1664
Marrow Transplants Fail to Cure Two H.I.V. Patients 1066
F.D.A. Approves Pill to Treat Hepatitis C 725
Staying active all day linked to healthy aging 653
For black men, early household linked to blood pressure 637
More evidence heavy but healthy people still at risk 692
Donor age may not affect many corneal transplants 658
Mild depression tied to diabetes complications 570
Today's elderly may be mentally sharper than yesterday's 599
Few people read restaurant calorie information 588
Young international volunteers need better medical info 646
Air pollution tied to slight reduction in birth weight 643
Exercise later in life tied to healthy aging 582
Study casts doubt on whether extra vitamin D prevents disease 623
Many techniques may slightly reduce sitting time at work 552
Parent-only programs may help obese children, too 599
Risk factors may point to less-safe senior drivers 509
What is nipple confusion? 701
Breast pain - Part 2 644
Breast pain - Part 1 696
How to Tell If You Have Oily Skin 600
How to Tell If You Have Combination Skin 700
How to fix dry hands, feet, body, face & lips 617
Does Drinking Water Help Prevent Acne? 628
Is Drinking 8 Glasses of Water a Day Good for Your Skin? 655
Skin Care: How to Tell What Type of Skin You Have 670
Are You "Overcleansing" Your Skin? 639
20 Skincare Tips Every Woman Over 50 Should Know - Part 2 773
Some Tips Every Woman Over 50 Should Know - Part 1 708
The Basic 4-Step Skincare Regimen 586
Sunburn - Part 3 670
Sunburn - Part 2 591
Sunburn - Part 1 594
Sun Allergy - Part 2 721
Sun Allergy - Part 1 630
Ingrown Hair - Part 2 597
Ingrown Hair - Part 1 723
Living with cancer blog 503
Face-lift - Part 2 644
Face-lift - Part 1 698
Laser Hair Removal - Part 2 603
Laser Hair Removal - Part 1 678
Dermabrasion - Part 2 665
Dermabrasion - Part 1 658
I have acne that doesn't clear up when I use medications or creams. Could birth control pills help? 575
Laser Resurfacing - Part 1 689
Laser Resurfacing - Part 2 736
Is it true that shaving unwanted body hair makes it grow back thicker and darker? 665
What are the best foods for healthy skin? 624
Does drinking water cause hydrated skin? 625
Does tattoo removal cream really work? 606
Is there a medication to thicken eyelashes? 568
Is sunscreen from last year still good? When does sunscreen expire? 605
Piercings: How to prevent complications - Part 2 562
Piercings: How to prevent complications - Part 1 640
Tattoos: Understand risks and precautions - Part 2 562
Tattoos: Understand risks and precautions - Part 1 585
Sunless tanning: What you need to know 613
Best sunscreen: Understand sunscreen options - Part 2 598
Best sunscreen: Understand sunscreen options - Part 1 644
Skin care: 5 tips for healthy skin 628
Home Remedies for Acidity 735
How To Cure Dry Elbows 778
How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows 680
How to Get Rid of Food Addiction 597
How to Get Rid of Gallstones 684
How to Get Rid of Low Self Esteem 575
How to Get Rid of Nervousness 697
How to Get Rid of Osteoarthritis 698
How to Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis 615
How to Get Rid of Water Retention 655
More patients stay on treatment with heart 'polypill' 613
Better diet tied to fewer deaths after heart attack 616
One in four U.S. heart disease deaths could be prevented, CDC says 558
Quicker heart treatment hasn't lowered deaths: study 667
Basic biology may explain higher death rates for boys 660
With safeguards, iron may not raise kids' malaria risk 627
GSK cancer vaccine disappoints in melanoma trial 556
Doctors look to treat sick children in virtual worlds 632
30 percent of Iranians suffer from fatty liver disease 605
Traditional treatment can ward off side effects of drugs 701
Patients HIV-free for now after transplant 592
Diabetes Care During Natural Disasters, Emergencies, and Hazards 619
Cdc and Breast Cancer 619
Get the Facts on Diabetes 636
Stress at Work 640
Building Your Best Bones Forever! 636
Stroke Signs and Symptoms 609
How to be Prepared for an Emergency 633
Heart Attack Action Plan 716
Heart attack and tips for Getting the Best Care 654
Heart Attack and be Prepared for an Emergencey 537