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Married Life

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Seeking help from the power of faith and religious beliefs 1033
General nourishment and diet 1070
Absolute abstinence 959
Suggestion and strengthening of willpower 1137
Marry at the first opportunity 675
Absolute avoidance of loneliness 607
One habit shall be replaced by another 789
Focusing on sports 675
Preparing a full time program 626
Avoiding all artificial stimulations 517
Ten Matrimonial instructions 503
Ways and instructions for prevention 522
The Important Issue lies here! 748
Masturbation is uncontrollable 766
Harms of masturbation 526
The fatal consequences of perversions 486
The youth and sexual perversions - Part 2 657
The youth and sexual perversions - Part 1 626
Paper marriages! 525
Marriage with football! 599
Whimsical marriages 669
Mercantile marriages 576
Love, Expectation and Revenge 638
Love and dream! 735
Love and fancy 598
Wild love! 541
Pitfalls of love 672
Under the romantic covering of “love” 602
Fiery Loves; A danger in the youth’s life 597
Who should select: The youth or parents? 424
Strict Parents 570
Seven adventures of matrimony 533
Shackles for the youth 686
Victims of these shameful relations 618
Possibility of illegal relations is an important factor for decrease in marriage 565
Decrease in matrimony, A great social tragedy 613
Extended duration of education, the first great barrier to marriage of the youth 466
Every youth faces these barriers 551
Strictures against Foul Language 642
The Importance of Obeying One's Husband 571
Husband's Rights Over His Wife 448
The Importance of Helping One's Wife in Domestic Works 639
A Woman's Rights over Her Husband 542
Conjugal Rights 615
A Relationship of Mutual Love 672
Islam's Emphasis on Marriage 561
Marriage and Family Day 700
Excessive Love 643
The Limit of a Father’s Permission in Marriage 686
Continence And Chastity 542
Choosing a Life Partner with Good Morals 605
The Problem of Marriage 564
Choice of the Spouse 579
Formation of a Family 607
Marriage, Unsuitable Age Gap and Its Outcome 589
Marriage, Family and Life 636
You’re Married...Now What? 577
Blended Families With Children 654
Lies In Marriage: What We Don't Tell Our Husbands 754
6 Great Vacation Ideas for Families 590
Bonding With Baby 683
20 Things Moms Should Never Feel Guilty About 737
When Postpartum Depression Lasts 602
5 Big New-Mom Decisions 644
Special Needs Children: Should I Label My Kid? 594
18 Tips for Traveling with Baby 725
5 Habits of Happy Families 572
Have Baby, Will Travel 656
Ways to Nurture Faith, Hope, and Love 623
How to Stay Connected to Your Kid When You're Not Home 537
"I Don't Want More Kids But My Husband Does" 713
Romance After Baby 551
6 Marriage Myths 577
What Your Husband Wants You to Know (But Isn't Telling You) 564
Destroying the Extra Fertilized Ova 809
Surrogate Motherhood 870
Other Possibilities in Human Reproduction discussed by our 'Ulama 4362
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) 982
Artificial Insemination by Donor (AID) 684
Artificial Insemination by Husband (AIH) 632
New Techniques in Human Reproduction 577
Sterilization 726
Withdrawal (Coitus Interrupts) 737
Abstinence During Fertile Period 612
Oral Contraceptives 628
Contraceptive and Abortion 738
Anal Intercourse 900
Techniques of Foreplay 682
Sexual Techniques 1838
Marriage is Highly Recommended 642
Christian Sexual Morality 646
Sources of Shari'ah 610
Sex Education 602
Relating to the Husband's Family 743
Entering Into a Muslim Marriage 828
Finding a Muslim Husband 910
Following the Path into marriage When Two Become One in Islam 941
Rights of Muslim Women 969
The Real Power Couples 1497
It's Good to Talk 892
Marriage - Settles Life and Relations 954
Marriage: A Civil Contract 1035
Talaq (Divorce) 1006
Tense Relationship 931
Mahr (Dower) 1038
Monogamy and Polygamy 846
Nikah (Marriage) 1106
Husband-Wife Relationship 1039
Regulating Sex by Morality 1006
Love should be Exclusively Devoted to Allah 958
There should be no Emotional Investment in Women 843
Women are a Danger to the Social Order 871
Women are Considered Sexually Active in Islam 1367
Marriage In The Eyes of Allah 989
The Wife's Duties 1060
The Husband's Duties 1057
Mutual Rights and Obligations 979
Does being good tempered with your spouse and children cause them to take advantage of such a thing? 950
Marriage may cut heart attack risk for both spouses 778
Building a Positive Relationship With Your Spouse 1105
Showing Love Through Trust 1217
How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved? 1344
Showing Love Through Words 1090
How to Be Happy After a Divorce 1051
Showing Love Through Actions 1403
How to Survive a Divorce? 899
How to Deal With a Spouse's Previous Marriage 943
How to Handle Divorce Anger? 986
How to Build a Good Relationship With Your Husband 1021
Some Advice in Spouse's Relationships 867
How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Spouse 909
What Makes a Marriage Work? 1579
Conditions for the Aqd of Nikah 1578
The Engagement Period 1036
Mahr 1236
Spiritual Assistance to get Married 1129
How should we prepare for Nikah? 1307
Good Dealings with the Women 1026
Selecting Wife 1158
Selecting Husband 958
Marriage Contract Conditions 2045
Relationship Between Husband and Wife in Islam 1584
Islamic Wedding Party Customs 1453
Rights of a Husband upon his Wife in Islam 1382
Seven Keys to happiness and success in Married Life 1236
Rights of a Wife upon her Husband in Islam 1382
Benefits of Muslim Marriage 1045
Carry me in your Arms 1066
Importance of Marriage in Islam; Secrets of Happy Married Couples 1361
Importance of marriage in Islam or Islamic marriage sayings 1104
Muslim Marriage Stories: How to stay young after marriage? 1195
How to stay happily married? 1040
Sexual deviation 1594
Dimunition of Matrimonial Proportions 1289
Present Day Life and the Fixed-Time Marriage 1494
Why are There More Women of Marriageable Age than Men? 1561
Right of Woman in Polygamy 1155
Right of Woman in "More-Than-One" Marriage 1317
Polygamy in the West 1404
Failure of Sexual Communism 4803
Historical Causes of Polygamy (II) 1110
A Fixed-Time Marriage and Harem 1351
Historical Causes of Polygamy (I) 1183
Islam and Polygamy 1186
Polygamy 1181
Caliph Bans Fixed-Time Marriage 1541
Has Fixed-Time Marriage been Made Lawful to Satisfy Lust? 1325
Which One; Temporary Monasticism Sexual Communism or a Fixed-Time Marriage? 1040
Russel's Theory of Temporary Marriage 1441
Teenages and Sexual Crisis 1235
Fixed-Time Marriage I 1356
Are Certain Cases of Marriage Incurable Like Cancer? 1151
Right of Divorce is Due to Man's Special ROlE and not to any Proprietary Rights 1247
Judicial Divorce 1392
Divorce is Release in a Sense 1478
The Wife's Previous Service to the Household 1271
Divorce - V 1454
Islam Welcomes Every Factor Which Helps Checking Divorce 1506
Divorce - IV 1354
Natural Laws in Respect of Marriage and Divorce 1357
Divorce - II 1386
Why Islam has not Prohibited Divorce 1290
Ignoble Divorces 1244
Divorce - I 1345
The Divorce-Generating Atmosphere of America 1155
The Growth of Divorce in Modern Life 1279
Does the Modern Woman not Want Dower and Maintenance? 1203
Dower and Maintenance - III 1225
Islam has its own System of Dower 1273
Dower and Maintenance - II 1272
A Brief History of Dower 1362
Dower in the Islamic System of Rights 1528
The Real Philosophy of Dower 1293
Dower and Maintenance - I 1376
The Duality of the Feelings of Man and Woman with Regard to Each Other 1133
Man is after Sex, Woman is after Love 1883
Marriage before Birth 1040
Consent between husband and wife 1697
Methods of Contraception 1087
The Wedding Suit 1144
The 'Aqd (Marriage Contract) 1421
Polygamy - A Spurious Crisis 1088
The Crisis of Celibacy 1014
Conciliation is Best 1276
Divorce Yesterday and Today 1016
The Parents' House 1002
The Fruit of Marriage 912
The Rights of the Married Couple 1083
The Law of Matrimony In Creation 968
Marital Relationships in the Major Religions 845
Early Marriage 1150
Marriage as a Necessity 1150
Marriage in Materialistic Societies 952
The Law of Matrimony In Creation, In Civilisations and In Religions 977
10 ways for muslim wives to improve marriage life 1769
The Wedding Night 1656
Recommendable Acts of Ghusl 1278
Sexual Intercourse 2065
When is Sex Forbidden? 1474
Time of Marriage Ceremony 1534
The Nikah Ceremony 1486
The Marriage Ceremony 988
Selection of Spouse 1051
Who is eligible to marry? 1118
When Must we Marry? 1220
Beneficial Effects of a Married Life 1347
Celibacy and Monasticism is Forbidden 1723
Importance of sex in marriage 1504
Importance of marriage in Islam 2438
Why do we need to know the rules of Marriage? 1123
Conditions of Divorce 1491
Talaq; Khul'; Mubarat 4548
Separation 1217
Forbearance 1316
Misunderstandings and Conflicts 912
When Wife is at Fault? 1329
Love and Good Grace 1107
The Rights Of The Wife 1062
The Rights of the Husband 1067
Natural Spheres of Activities of Mand and Woman 1025
Obedience based on Love 877
Husband; Metaphorical Lord 1249
Benefits of Marriage 1171
Islamic Boundary Line 1021
Mutual Rights of Husband and Wife 1146
Causes for Divorce 1533
Divorce is Despised 1382
The Effect of Physical and Spiritual Purity in Upbringing 1130
The Rights of the Husband 1388
The rights of the wife 1297
Who Can See Women as Stated by the Quran 963
The Heart is the Source of Truth 2522
The Necessity to Pay the Nuptial Gift 1080
The Wedding Trousseau 1395
Love and its Expression 1017
Nuptial Night Customs 1107
The Time and Etiquette for Wedding 1235
A Divine, Spiritual Model for the Wedding Trousseau 1300
Praying at the Wedding Threshold 1076
Marriage Negotiations 1020
Islam's Response to the Corrupt Men's Mental Deviations Regarding Women 1067
Islamic and Humane Conditions in Choosing a Spouse 1286
How to Choose a Spouse in Islam? 1455
Do not Marry Such Women 1173
Intellect and Lust as Measures for Prosperity or Misery 1204
Strictness in Marriage 1316
A Dignified and Worthy Spouse 1379
One's Independence in Marriage 978
Mental Deviation of Corrupt Men Regarding Women 967
Establish the Loftiest Goal for Marriage 1132
A Pious Man and Wife 1755
Let's Invite Each Other to Piety 1065
Traditions on the Value and Importance of Marriage 948
Man and Marriage 1226
Contentment Is a High Aim 1416
Jealousy Is Your Stuff, Not Theirs 929
If Little Things Annoy You, Say So -- With Humor 1170
Don't Try to Be Their Parent 1261
Be the First to Say Sorry 1392
How do you show your Wife you Love her? 1152
Put Each Other First 1047
Allow Your Wife the Space to be Herself 1229
Look to Your Own Faults 1019
Be Nice in your Long-Lasting Relationships 1102
Different Worlds of Men and Women 1546
21 Things to Do Before Asking for a Divorce - Part 2 1870
21 Things to Do Before Asking for a Divorce - Part 1 2455
How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over? - Part 2 1385
How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over? - Part 1 1448
Save a Doomed Marriage 1519
Marriage Life, Based on Affection 1438
Attitude toward Life 1473
Attitude toward spouse 1533
How should I be for my spouse? 1596
Divorce 1964
The Major Obstacle in Settling down Disagreements 1289
Assistance in Bringing up Children 1689
Be Faithful 1579
Return Home Soon 1265
Extend Your Help in the Household Works 1576
Nurse Your Wife 1168
Be Clean at Home Also 1529
Be Grateful 1459
The Unfaithful Woman 1511
Do not Go After Other Women 1352
Suspicious Men 1187
The Disciplinary Rights of the Husband 1545
Be Attentive 1666
Overlook Her Mistakes 1536
Do not Pay Attention to Slanderous Talk of the Critics 1321
Do Not Pick up Faults 1230
Picking up Quarrels 1332
Complaining Unnecessarily 1220
Respect Your Wife 1870
Taking Care of your Wife 1064
The Guardian of the Family by Men 1191
Fruit of Marriage 1402
Remain Silent when he is Angry 1710
Do not Refuse to Talk and do not Sulk 1630
Be Resourceful when Times are Hard 1144
Accept His Management 1269
Keep the Secrets of Your Husband 1277
Be Clean and Beautiful at Home Also 1356
The Satisfaction of Your Husband and Not Your Mother 1232
Do Not Pay Attention to Slanderous Talks 1073
Suspicious Women 1324
Help Your Husband to Make Progress 1378
Be Careful That He is Not Misled 1471
Forgive Your Husband's Mistakes 1577
Do not Look for Shortcomings 1634
Be Appreciative for Your Husband 1543
Be a Comfort for Your Husband 1385
The Husband's Respect 1243
Living with Husband 1302
The Purpose of Marriage 1626
Rights of Husbands; Obedience to Husbands 1316
Rights of Wives 1335
Rights of Husbands; Compliance with Husbands 1402
The Ideal Wife 1732
The Ideal Husband 1520
Merits of Marriage 1474
The Length of the Engagement Period 1440
The Value of the Engagement Period 1325
The Need of An Engagement Period 1465
Engagement Period 2725
Family Marriages 1553
The Role of Knowledge and Education in Spouse Selection 1077
Kinds of Love 1359
Whom May We Select as a Spouse? 1363
Children's Engagement 1338
Some Other Difficulties of Marriage 1220
Fifth Difficulty of Marriage; Military Service 1309
sixth Difficulty of Marriage; Presence of Older Brothers and Sisters 3980
Fourth Difficulty of Marriage; Hurdles and Hindrances of the Elders and Friends 1273
Third Diffuculty; Selecting the Spouse 1140
To Drive the Thought out of One's Mind that Education is not Harmonious with Marriage 1194
Time of Sexual and Mental Maturity 3138
Matrimonial Rights in Islam - Part 2 1554
Matrimonial Rights in Islam - Part 1 1504
Satisfying the Sexual Instinct in Matrimonial Life 1843
How Islam Views Marriage? 2115
What are the divine and Islamic Conditions for Marriage? (Being Matched - Part 1) 1416
What are the divine and Islamic Conditions for Marriage? (Being Matched - Part 2) 1286
Do not Marry Such Women 2212
The Woman is Allah’s trust, how to treat her then? 1810
The Husband’s Guardianship Between Abuse And Neglect 1630
How to Convince Your Husband to Let You Buy His Clothes 1890
How to Get Everyone To Do One's Chores 2206
How to Compromise With Your Spouse 3088
4 Ways You Have Never Thought Could Save Your Marriage 3400
Agree to Disagree 3441
Bring Yourself to Your Relationship 3476
6 Essentials for a Happy Love Relationship 5127
Benefits of Muslim Marriage 3128
Guidelines for the Husband in interacting with his WifeShare 3210
Formula for a Great Marriage 3057
Arguments - The Losing Side of a Relationship 3329
The Lofty Goals Behind Marriage in Islam (part2) 2647
The Lofty Goals Behind Marriage in Islam(part1) 2745
3 Secrets to a Long, Happy Marriage 2805
What Marital Fights are Really about? 3024
Guarding the Intercourse Secrets Between the Wives 3412
Improve your marriage with 16 words 2718
Tips for a Better Husband and Wife Relationship 2944
For our married brothers... How to please your wife 2414
6 tips for Muslim couples dealing with marital disputes in the non-Western world 3062
The first two years: a marriage survival guide 3039
The first two years (part 2) 1780
Expressions of Love 2683
Finding A Spouse - In Light Of The Qur'an And Sunnah 3578
Verses in Quran about Marriage (part 1) 10490
Verses in Quran about Marriage (part 2) 3158
Masumeen Quotes about Marriage 5916
When The Heart and Head Match 1945
How to Discuss Finances Together in a Marriage 2041
Tips for Muslim couples 3941
Invest in your marriage (part 1) 2637
Invest in your marriage (part 2) 2060
Not Wrong, Just Different: Men vs. Women 2916
What is a Husband? 1920
How to Show Your Wife or Husband That You Truly Love Them 3784
Successful Marriage Tips For A Happy Married Life 3056
Successful Marriage Tips For A Happy Married Life (part 2) 3798
How To Be a Great Wife 3420
Looks or Heart? 1710
Compatibility 1750
Muslim World Marriage Customs 3179
Courtship in Islam 3583
Happy Together 1766
Wife Abuse in the Muslim Community 3824