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Masma' Kardin

Masma' Kardin was a real Arab. He belonged to Bakr b. Wa'il. His name was Masma'. And his surname was Kardin. In his book, p.298, al- Najashy said: "He was the Shaykh and prominent figure of (the tribe) of Bakr b. Wa'il in Basrah. And he was the Chief of the Masma'is. He reported few traditions on the authority of Abu Ja'far, peace be on him. And he reported many traditions on the authority of Abu Abd Allah.(583)

Abu Abd Allah said to him: "Abu Sayyar, I am going to prepare for you a great objective." Also he reported on the authority of Abu al- Hasan (Musa), peace be on him. He had many rare things.

There are many traditions which denote that he strongly cleaved to ahl al Bayt, obeyed his Imam, gave Khums (fifth) and Zakat (alms) from his properties though they were many. Moreover, he wanted to collect all his properties to send them to the Imam. However, the Imam refused that. In the meantime he permitted him to take advantage of his share.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"