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A Case inbetween Two Concerns - Introduction

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This book tackles a vital ideological subject which the thought of the progeny (A.S.) has already enriched.

One thousand three hundred years ago Imam AsSadique(A.S.) issued his famous statement (Neither determinism nor authorization, rather a case inbetween two concerns).

If people ever have extracted from the progeny’s glamour (A.S.) and drank from their fountain they would have never gone astray, never would they have gone to the extreme, or refuged to extravagance; nor would have they deluded each other.

Imam Ali Foundation – Central Office – Holy Qum took into consideration the endless need of different schools and various levels of students to know the thought of the progeny(A.S.); hence it introduced this English translation realizing how urgently man needs this book in his mental and daily life.

From Allah the Sublime we obtain success and content.

Imam Ali Foundation
Holy Qum