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The Interval Training Tool You Should Be Using

When you’re in the zone during an intense HIIT workout, you may find it challenging to keep an eye on the clock. And the more time you spend trying to figure out how long you’ve been exercising and resting, the less energy you’re able to devote to maximizing your sweat session. To reap the many research-supported benefits of interval training, the right timing device can make all the difference.

Featured on the Today Show earlier this year, the Set Starter is a super small, multi-use interval training timer that you wear on your thumb. This simple-to-use gadget lets you structure the duration of your intervals from as little as 15 seconds up to 5 minutes. The Set Starter offers three different alert options for letting you know when to start and stop your intervals—an audible beep, a visual flash, a simple vibration, or a combination of all three. By selecting the repeat feature you can receive continuous alerts, which is perfect for circuit training.

While the buttons are pretty small, all of the functions are clearly labeled, and the gizmo is much easier to set than your average watch or timer. Plus, the convenience of being able to sport this device on your finger lends itself well to any type of activity, from indoor total-body circuit workouts to  outdoor runs.

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