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The Death of the Holy Prophet

Adopted from the book : "Story of the Holy Ka’aba And its People" by : "S.M.R. Shabbar"


In the month of Safar 11 Hijra, the Holy Prophet fell ill. Moof this time with the agreement of his wives the Prophet stayed at the house of Ayesha from where he would come out to the mosque and lead the prayers. One day he was very ill so he asked Ayesha to call Ali for prayers. She called her father Abubakr instead and asked him to lead the prayers. While Abubakr was leading the prayers The Prophet woke up. When he realised who was leading the prayers, he came out of the house with the help of his uncle Abbas and his Moazzin Bilal, stood in front of Abubakr and lead the prayers. From there the Prophet returned to the House of his daughter Hazrat Fatimah where he stayed until the last day of his life.

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