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How Have Stay At Home Dads Become More Acceptable?

In early 2013 the national employment statistics showed that men made up ten percent of the parents staying at home to look after children while their partners went to work and earned the money. This was a stark change from the traditional concept of mothers staying at home to care for the children and cook the food for all meals of the day while their husbands went out and earned all the money. For many people this was hard to accept, especially the men in that ten percent, but the reality was that after the recession many men had lost their jobs, and their partners hadn't.

While it may seem like this is an unacceptable situation to some, it actually makes more sense in terms of the typical skill sets each gender has. Women are always busy, and will always have the motivation to do more, making them excellent workers and desirable for employers. Men are always interested in things outside of work and can easily lose focus, which is why they can't wait to finish for the day, leaving tasks open for days on end.

Historically women have appeared to be better cooks than men, and many men today are still terrible cooks. However, there has been a rise of men cooking on television programmes and competitions, which has revealed that men are sometimes the better cook for a household to have. Men like their food a lot more than women do, meaning they will enjoy cooking their food a lot more and trying out new things, which is great for women who come home from work and want to relax.

Men also have more energy when it comes to being active, which is great for children because they need to be out and about and running around to stop them having too much energy when at home. Men will be more enthusiastic about going for long walks and playing games, all the things that children like to do, which is great for women who sometimes just need to sit down and stay out of the activity.

If a man is out of work he will always find something to do, and this can be alongside looking after the children. Many dads blog about their days for people to read online and they love reading them because they're quite often very funny. While to some a stay at home dad might seem like a lazy one, there's always something going on in the background to keep them busy at all hours.

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