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History of Aale Muhammad (pbuh) and Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.)


Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s) was the son of Imam Ja'far Sadiq (a.s.). His mother was Hameeda. How much was this Imam harassed by his contemporary caliphs of Bani Abbas! It is a heart-rending story. It is truly said that there is a Moosa for every Pharaoh and for every righteous man, a devil.

Abbasi caliph Mahdi brought Imam Kazim (a.s.) from Madinah to Baghdad and imprisoned him. After a time, Mahdi saw Amirul Momineen (a.s.) in a dream and faced his anger. Next morning he released the Imam with a heavy heart. This despotic ruler Mahdi was, on the one hand, helping Ulama and the poor and protecting scholars but, on the other hand, he was putting the Holy Imams, who were the inheritors of Imamat and Prophethood, to various troubles. He made thousands of sycophants, who waxed eulogies in his glorification. And hundreds of jurists, who gave decrees as per his liking were busy in enjoying the royal wealth and prosperity, while he put the bud of the garden of the Holy Prophet, Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.), in narrow and damp prison cells and fettered him with heavy iron chains! And the Sunni Ulama sing the Caliph's praise! They even refer to him as Amirul Momineen. These simpletons with short memory forgot that at the end of the historical eras, such curtains of hypocrisy and flattery will be torn and all the oppressors and despots will be fetched to court to face the truth.

Once Harun Rashid went for Haj and took Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.) with him. At the tomb of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.), Harun saluted in these words: Assalaam Alaika Yaa Ibne Amm. (Peace be upon you, O my cousin). At that very moment, Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.) also entered uttering, Assalaamu alaika Ya abata. (Peace be upon you, O my father). This made Harun furious with envy.

Adapted from: Analysis of the History of Aale Muhammad (pbuh)" by: "Qadi Bohlool Afandi"

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