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Fatima's Immigration

Adopted from the book :"Fatima; the Gracious" by : Abu Muhammad Ordoni"

Upon being inflicted with the deaths of lady Khadija and Abu Talib, the Prophet decided to immigrate to Medina. He ordered Ali to lay in his bed during the night which later came to be known as (night of sty). During that night,about forty (40) or fourteen (14) polytheist men sieged the prophet's house and were determined to attack him and kill him. But the Prophet had escaped to a nearby cave, and Fatima stayed at home expecting the enemies assault at any given minute. She listened to their infidel and atheistic slogans against her father. Only Allah know how sacred and disturbed she was that long night, for he knew the infidels cruelty and mercilessness.

At dawn, in infidels attacked the house while leveling their swords as if they were ferocious beasts or savage dogs. They proceeded to the prophet's bed intending to kill him, but were surprised to find Ali (AS) laying in it wearing the Prophet's clothes. they departed from the house feeling defeated and harbouring resentment, fury, and ire against the Prophet and Ali (AS).

Those hours were most aggravating, frightening, and anguish filled for Fatima. Soon relief entered her life, Imam Ali (AS) took her and his mother and Fatima Bint Zubair Ibn Abdul Muttalib out towards Medina. When the infidels learned this, they intercepted them in an attempt to prevent their migration out of Mecca. Had it not been for the Mercy and protection of Allah and the heroism and courage of Imam Ali (AS) a catastrophe would have taken place. The infidels were driven back by Imam Ali, who continued the journey towards Medina.

Upon arriving in Medina, the Prophet met them and took Fatima to his home, which was originally Abu Ayoub Ansari's Thus, Fatima became the guest of Abu Ayyoub's mother.

Fatima lived with the prophet in Medina after suffering typhoons of painful incidents, such as the death of her mother, her immigration and the continuous agitations against he. Fatima's miseries did not stop here, rather her immigration was the beginning of an era of uninterrupted sorrows.
One year after the prophet's immigration to Medina, the infidels mobilized their men and headed towards the Muslim's stronghold, intending to destroy the new faith, but Gabriel informed the Prophet of their conspiracy, who in turn ordered the immigrants and Medinites to leave the city and meet the infidels in a place located on the way to Mecca called Badr.

Although the infidels outnumbered the Muslims three to one, the prophet and his followers defeated them and returned to Medina triumphant and victorious.

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