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Ammar's fall in the Battle

"The carnage, chiefly in the ranks of Moawiya, was very great in these battles. Among the ranks of Ali the loss of certain distinguished Companions was regretted by friends and foes alike. Ammar Yasir was deeply grieved when Hashim b. Obta, the hero of Qadisia fell fighting by his side. As he saw Hashim fall, he exclaimed to his fellows : '0 Paradise How close thou couchest beneath the arrow's point and the falchion's flash ! 0 Hashim even now I see heaven opened, and black-eyed maidens, all bridally attired, clasping thee in their fond embrace.' So singing, and refreshing himself with his favourite draught of milk and water, the aged warrior, fired again with the ardour of youth, rushed into the enemy's ranks and met the envied fate. People remembered very well the words of the Holy Prophet, who had said "O Ammar, thou shalt one day be slain by a godless and rebellious race", in other words the saying was interpreted, as 'Ammar would be killed fighting on the side of right.'

Thus his death, as it were, condemned the cause of the ranks against whom he fought; and so it spread dismay in Moawiya's forces. When Amr b. Aas heard of it, he answered readily : 'And who is it that bath killed Ammar, but Ali the rebellious, who brought him hither ?' The clever repartee ran through the Syrian host, and did much to efface the evil omen.' Muir's Annals p. 382. Other versions of Ammar's last words run as follows : 'The thirsty man longeth for water and here, close by, it welleth up. Descend to the spring (death) and drink. This is the joyful day of meeting with friends, with Muhammad and his Companions.' Wackidi quoted in Muir's Annals p. 382. "By Allah ! I do not know a deed more pleasing to God than to war against these lawless vagabonds. I would fight them even if I was assared of being run through with a lance ; for the death of a martyr, and the paradise beyond, are only to be acquired in the ranks of Ali. However courageously our enemies may fight, still justice is on our side ; they desire not to revenge Osman's death, but ambition drives them to revolt."

"Follow me, Companions of the Prophet! The gates of Heaven are opened, and houries are waiting to receive us. Let us triumph here, or meet Muhammad and his friends in Paradise !" With these words he gave his charger the lash, and plunged with desperate violence into the hottest of the fight, till, at length, he was surrounded by the Syrians, and fell a sacrifice to his own courage. His death stirred up Ali's troops to revenge, whilst even the Syrians regretted his loss, from the high esteem in which Ammar had been held by the Prophet. Well, Geschicte der Chalifen quoted in Ockley's History of the Saracens p. 314. Beholding Ammar fall, Moawiya cried to Amr b. Aas, who was sitting by him, 'Do you see, what precious lives are lost in our dissensions ?"see' ! exclaimed Amr, 'would to God I had not lived to see such a catastrophe.' Ammar Yasir, the patriarch of Muslim chivalry was ninety-three years of age; he had served the Prophet in Badr and in several other engagements. He was now Ali's General of the Horse. He was respected as long as he lived and died lamented by all. Having fallen wounded by a lance of Jowier Oskoni, he was brought to his tent where Ali, taking his head into his lap, shed tears of sorrow and offered prayers for the dead friend.

Adapted from: "Ali, the Magnificent" by: "Yousuf N. Lalljee"

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