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Al-Husayn (a.s.) Murdered

Adapted from: "Maqtal al-Husayn; Martyrdom Epic of Imam al-Husayn (a.s.)" by: "Abd al-Razzaq al-Muqarram"

Those folks now took to maurauding the Imam (‘a). Ishaq Ibn Hawayh took his shirt. Al-Akhnas Ibn Murthid Ibn ‘Alqamah al-Hadrami took his turban. Al-Aswad Ibn Khalid took his sandals. Jami’ Ibn al-Khalq al-Awdi, but some say a man from Tamim named al-Aswad Ibn Hanzalah, took his sword.
Bajdal came. He saw the Imam (‘a) wearing a ring covered with his blood. He cut his finger off and took the ring... Qays Ibn al-Ash’ath took his velvet72 on which he since then used to sit, so he came to be called “Qays Qateefa.”73

The Imam (‘a)’s worn out garment was taken by Ja’oonah Ibn Hawiyyah al-Hadrami. His bow and outer garments were taken by al-Rail Ibn Khaythamah al-Ju’fi, Hani Ibn Shabib al-Hadrami and Jarir Ibn Mas’ud al-Hadrami.74

A man from among them wanted to take his underpants after all his other clothes had been taken away by others.

This man said, “I wanted to take it off, but he had put his right hand on it which I could not lift; therefore, I severed his right hand...

He then put his left hand on it which I also could not lift, so I severed it, too, and was about to bare him and take it off. It was then that I heard something like an earthquake, so I became frightened. I left him and fell into a swoon.

While I was unconscious, I saw the Prophet (S), ‘Ali, Fatima, and al-Hasan (‘a). Fatima was saying, ‘O son! They killed you! May Allah kill them!' He said to her, ‘O mother! This sleeping man has severed my right hand!' She then invoked Allah's curse on me saying, ‘May Allah cut your hands and legs, and may He blind you and hurl you into the fire!'

Indeed, I am now blind. My hands and legs have already been amputated, and nothing remains from her curse except the Fire.”75
O slain one snatched by death away,
Without being helped, without being supported,
They washed him with the blood of his every wound,
They shrouded him with the earth of the ground,
They killed him though they knew,
That he was the fifth of Ashab al-Kisa’.
O Messenger of Allah! O Fatima!
O Commander of the Faithful al-Murtada!
May Allah's rewards for you be great,
For the one whose insides were killed
By thirst till he spent,
At Karbala’ he struck his tent,
Hardly he erected it before it was no more,
Dead mourned by Fatima, by her father and by ‘Ali
The man for him testifies sublimity.
Had the Messenger of Allah been after him raised,
He would have now been mourning him.
They carried a head whose grandfather they greet,
Be it is out of their free will, involuntarily,
Being handled by them as they pleased.
They neither honoured him nor sanctified...
O Messenger of Allah! If you only eyed
How they kept killing and taking captive,
How they were prohibited from enjoying any shade,
How their thirsty ones were met with the spears
How they were driven, stumbling, one following behind,
Another transported on a bare conveyance, how unkind!
Your eyes would have seen a sight
That would surely have grieved your insides
And would surely have been for your eyes a sore.
Such should not be how the Messenger of Allah,
O nation of oppression and corruption, be treated
They slaughtered like sacrifices his offspring that day,
Then they drove his family like slaves away.
They kept calling upon the Messenger of Allah
Whenever marching was hard, whenever they stumbled.76


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