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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati


For educationists, teaching is not merely how to write and read. It is a comprehensive meaning for all means of preparing the individuals to participate in their environments. It also gives an adequate amount of study to make them conscious citizens that are competent for serving themselves and their societies.

Goals of teaching:
Educationists are disposed to the goals and purposes resulted from teaching. They are as follows:

Development of the Cognizance:
The chief function of teaching is the development and guidance of the conscience and the tendencies in such a prudent way that agrees with the good of the individuals and societies. The teaching staffs are in charge of managing this guidance and developing the feelings of serving people. It also functions for plunging into the positive undertaking for others’ good. This is the very point to which Islam has referred. “You should long to others the same things you long to yourselves, and hate to others the same things you hate to yourselves.” This is a prophetic saying indicating the topic involved. On the composition of this noble tendency, Islam has built its creative education that aims at serving the societies and developing the means of elevation on the bases of mutual association and advice.
Psychologists affirm that the leading mission of schools is the orderly influence in the individual behavior that is directed by the society. The main function of schools must be directed to the children’s behavior. The scope of changing is the actual measurement of schools’ success in conducting the generations’ comportment. Schools should seek the help of all of the humanitarian sciences for achieving this success. This fact provoked on the establishment of a department in psychology devoted to solving the educational problems. It is named educational –or teaching- psychology..

Publicity of the Educational Conscience:
The general criterion of peoples’ progress all over the stages of humanity depends upon the amount of teaching opportunities that are provided for the individuals. This is the greatest fortune that nations may possess.
Teaching must purpose for publicizing the cultural conscience that relies upon the individuals’ realizing the encompassing circumstances and the ability of improving them. The educational and teaching institutes should work for stretching the scientific spirits and using the modern scientific means in the private or the general life. This achieves the life prosperity and the prevalence of scientific conscience all over the country.

Identification of the Social Problems:
It is imperative for the teaching processes to identify exclusively the social questions and problems. As much as we conceive, the imperialism is the most menacing danger that the Islamic nation had to face. It executed Muslims’ dignity and rent asunder their nation into weak small countries. It also rooted Israel in the heart of the Arab nation, supported with armament, protected, and favored its aggression and assaults against the Arabs. Israel has been playing the role of humiliating the Arabs and Muslims, seizing their territories and banishing them. The imperialists’ purpose has been replacing the Arab homeland with the Israeli so that the sources of the Arabs’ great wealth would be in their hands. Thus, it is quite urgent for the teaching staffs to attract the early generations’ attention to the dangers of Zionism and imperialism, and create a revolutionary spirits that are based upon antagonizing the imperialism. This is surely the greatest service that the teaching staff may provide for their countries.

The teaching message is not limited to enlightening the pupils with information. In fact, the teachers’ tasks are more comprehensive. Besides teaching and stuffing the pupils with knowledge, teachers should prepare them soundly to associate and establish their own lives in the various fields. Teachers should also provide for empowering the pupils’ talents, disciplining their morals, undertaking their desires and tendencies, planting virtues in their hiddens, and educating them according to the systems that confirm their societies’ traditions for making them good citizens. Moreover, the teaching staffs are responsible for founding the bonds of cooperation with the pupils so that they can identify their problems and behaviors. They should never misuse their positions. They should show their students a fraternal spirit to lead them to the right and establish in their minds the immunity against falling in crooked paths.
“Teachers are playing the role of the pupils’ pioneers and their guardians’ guides and masters. This is the base of composing sound societies.” Teachers can prepare virtuous and orthodox generations in the society only when they fulfill their educational missions so aptly and seed the ties of confidence and love with the pupils. Teachers should evade alignments and defects since these restrain the pupils’ individual and social activities. They are also required to describe the most significant gaps that hinder the pupils’ scientific development. Islamic educationists refer to other duties that the teachers ought to care and undertake.
-Teachers should provide a detailed study of the Islamic civilization and its values and developments. The influences of the Islamic civilization on the other civilizations should be focused, too.
-Teachers should provide a study of the current Islamic society for familiarizing the elements of the ceaseless modification and identifying the aspects of its power and weakness. Pupils should have full acquaintance with all of the parts of the participation in establishing a perceptive, powerful, and united Islamic society aiming for achieving justice, raising the levels of livelihood, and securing the individuals and the society.
-Teachers should present the geographical and cultural connections of the parts of the Islamic homeland, which is completely perfected and reciprocally coupling.
-Teachers should provide a comparative study of the teaching and the educational systems all over the Islamic countries.
-Teachers and pupils should visit the Islamic countries, and contact the educational and teaching institutes there.
-Teachers should arouse the Islamic sense in the pupils’ spirits by providing them with the spirits of taking pride in their religion so that this may reflect on the whole sorts of the aspects of individual and social behaviors.
-Teachers should provide a detailed study of the Islamic history and geography for identifying the Muslims’ past glories and present interests.
-Teachers should unveil the grand Islamic personalities in the various fields of the human civilization.
-Teachers should guide the pupils to their national duties in the social and political fields.
-Teachers should immunize the citizens against the foreign ideological invasion that intend to pervert the Islamic spirit.
-Teachers should enlighten Muslims of the threatening dangers of the imperialism and Zionism.
-Teachers should encourage Muslims on the positive activities that aim at liberating the territories that are seized by the Zionist gang.
-Teachers should provide the Islamic behavior that comprises the bases of common cooperation, responsibility, feelings, and sacrificing for the publics.
-Teachers should study the courses that lead the pupils to their duties to their parents and families.

Qualifications of teachers
A teacher is the nation’s pioneer and the generations’ instructor who is bound with the greatest social responsibilities. The following are some qualities that teachers should carry:
- Teachers should be acquainted with a suitable amount of knowledge and science as supports in identifying the nature of the human behavior, reasons, and results lying behind this behavior.
- Teachers should acquire a set of skills helping in practising definite sorts of activities.
- Teachers should acquire a set of virtuous tendencies that help in a successful interaction with the pupils.
- Teachers should be punctual and capable of conducting and taking in consideration the various circumstances and situations.
- Teachers should supervise accurately their functions and use the best fruiting acts in the fields of performance.
Teachers are successful only when they contribute in rendering good citizens who serve their nations consciously and faithfully. Nations would collapse and the social progression would be hindered if teachers neglect these goals and stop at filling in the pupils’ minds with information only. Unfit teachers publicize psychological disorders among the pupils as if an infectious disease has affected them.. At any rate, the real education requires the teaching staff’s powers of working, intelligence, and endowing with the righteous customs, virtuous moralities, self-reliance, and consciousness.
They are also asked to fulfill the principals that are required by the genuine education. These principals are as follows: - The attainment to perfection.
- Benefiting by and guiding the children’s natural talents.
- Educating the desires and encouraging them on doing well.
- Caring for the pupils’ senses, bodies, and mentalities.
- The utility of the children’s personal activities for enabling them to benefit by the talents God has gifted and the virtuous tendencies they have inherited.
- Granting the children the opportunities of training on acquiring the best of customs and ethics..
Teachers should master the materials they teach. They also must have full acquaintance with the principals of psychology, education, sociology, and physiology. These principals qualify them to acquaint the children’s physical and mental potentials along with their natures, functions, and growth. Likewise, teachers should have familiarity of the most current surveys and norms of educationists. Teachers should apply and exploit these studies in the processes of educating the children. Finally, teachers should be good exemplars in personality and behavior..

Teachers’ Responsibilities:
Teachers carry serious responsibilities and excellent duties. They are responsible -before God- for educating the young generations correctly and guaranteeing their future so that they will be their fathers’ relief and their nations’ representatives. Abul-Hassan an-Nadawi says, “I do not know a trust more responsible, serious, and influential in the nations’ future and present than education and teaching are. Any flaw in these fields may lead the nation to the deepest hallow, and may lead to evanescence, degeneracy, and anarchy in morals, sociology, policy, teaching, non-religiousness, and atheism. Education is the one and only means through which the guidance of the intellectualities and mentalities, the new national establishment, and the excellent future are achieved.”.
Teachers are in charge of any ideological or doctrinal aberrance that may affect the nation. They are also responsible for any mental maturity and cerebral disciplining of people. Gilbert Hyte compares between the professions of teaching and medicine. He makes the process of teaching more important than that of medicine. People may leave the insufficient physicians, but the little pupils do not realize their teachers’ negligence, and fathers do not accompany their children for exploring the real states of the teachers. Even if they do, they would not be able to realize the very reality of the teachers’ doing their jobs properly. It is easy for people to leave the insufficient physicians, while the little pupils cannot choose another teacher. Therefore, the responsibility of teachers is more serious than that of the physicians.. It is said, “If you want to seek the reason beyond a people’s development, you should search for their teachers.” An educationist says, “If we believe that the development and expansion of the children’s intellects, tendencies, and faculties is the school’s responsibility, the teaching they should receive before joining schools must be more exalted.”. John Luke believes that the human intellect is purely white when a child carries it to school. The school fills in its sides with human heritage and experiments. This means that the teachers’ processes of teaching have the greatest part in the composition of personal behaviors and supporting with potentials that are essential for achieving good success, noble living, and social true association.
Psychologists confirm that teachers are responsible for prompting the educational development. Societies have given the teachers the trust of contriving the children’s experts and inducing their talents and inclinations. They are also responsible for managing and guiding such development in such a good way that becomes the interests of the society and the individuals..

Concernment of the Teaching Staff
The teaching body is the inception of the country’s mental illumination. On that account, the ministries of education should pay more attention to the teachers by identifying their problems and providing the binding succor. They are gainful. It is also obligatory upon those ministries to encourage teachers on exerting all efforts in their jobs. Ministries are also asked to alleviate the teachers’ fatigue, show them engrossment, cooperate with them in the management of teaching, raise their levels, disperse the spirits of sincerity among them, and eradicate the elements of retardation, abrasion, and defect. All these would participate in saving the teachers’ dignity. Paying attention to teachers is one of the general life affairs in the developed countries, regarding them as the centers of guidance and the sources of the scientific progression and advancement. Thus, it is important to care for and cooperate with teachers in the total fields of life.

Concernment of the Students
The teaching process cannot accomplish its goals unless the students’ economic lives reach an acceptable level. Students will not be able to keep on and devote to learning if they lack such circumstances in which the institutes of teaching and education should interfere and contribute in aiding the poor students. Actually, poverty eliminates the talents and aptitudes as well as the other human potentials. The governments should assist the free physical checkup and the essential nutrition. This does not mean that the administrations of schools are in charge of doing this alone, but they may promote in it as much as possible. Providing aids for the poor students, whose poverty impedes them from continuing in receiving teaching, is a principal upon which the equality of the teaching opportunities is reliable.


A tremendous failure has affected the teaching process in most provinces of this world. Hence, the teaching process fell behind to achieve its educational mission that aims for disciplining the ethics, reforming the spirits and devoting to virtuous customs and noble traits.

Negligence of the Moralities
Modern education has not been based upon the principals of teachings and ethics. Most of the teaching media has paid no attention to this matter. An educationist says, “Teachers do not engage themselves in treating the pollution that affect the children. They think only of scholastic tests and success. Moralities are totally neglected, none thinks of rectifying the ethical faults.”. The outcome of this neglect has been the moral anarchy that is situated in the youth’s spirits. Owing to miseducation and ignorance, some began to regard such looseness as a good behavior. Harris Man the educationist says, “The real education is neglected since schools, unfortunately, care only for stuffing the memories. Teachers are interested in the abundance of news and chat. Speaking a lot has never been a sort of education or teaching. The teachers’ tasks are not addressing information only. The actual tasks of teachers are the real multi-sided education. Teachers ought to be educators; they should join education to teaching.”.
The teaching has failed to establish generations that are conscious, developing, believing in the national goals, and working positively for the good of mankind and homeland. An educationist says, “It is not a sort of exaggeration to say that the teaching has failed in composing mature personalities that are marked by an intellectual and mental equanimity and capable of enjoying a free life of kind humanitarian bonds. The reason is very evident. It is that the teaching has not taken in consideration the relations between schools and societies. The managers of teaching pretend to forget the fact that the responsibility of schools is preparing the youth through the experts, learning of the social life, and associating in the societies that are ruled by independence and cooperation. These two matters are surely the qualities that are most essential for modern being. Scholastic authorities tend to pour information in the pupils’ minds rather than composing their moralities. This gives triumph to the non-educational innovation.”.
Mr. Lehman criticizes the American education. He stresses that it does not create a culture, a common set of principals, or an ethical and mental disciplining..
Failure is the inevitable fate of any teaching process that disdains the moral structure and the mental disciplining. Successful teaching is exclusively that which proposes the mental reformation and the sensible amendment. Aristotle says, “There is no instructed lesson or acquired habit more meaningful than true judgment and jubilating over noble traits and estimable deeds.”.
The negligence of morals and the unconcern of behaviors lead to many disadvantages such as the prevalence of arrogance, rashness, looseness, and concern. among students.