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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati

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Youth and the Future - Difficulties on the Way

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The path toward the future is not a path full of flowers; there are many obstacles and difficulties on it. Maybe it is the sweetness of the goal that makes someone forget the bitterness of the difficulties, otherwise, whoever seeks a good future in a simple and easy way will never get anything but a small portion of it that can never fulfill his ambition and hopes.

Thus, whoever seeks a shiny future must endure obstacles and difficulties on the way. He must be like the water whose road was blocked by rocks, he must fight in order to find a way to pass.

Some problems can be solved or can be reduced through patience, wisdom and hard work, but it is difficult to pass some this way, because solving or reducing them is in the hand of the young boy or girl. Here, we must seek the assistant of those whose experience is above ours like our parents, neighbors, sincere friends, teachers and so on, on how to solve the problems and difficulties. It is narrated in one of the prophetic sayings, "in experience there is beneficial knowledge."

The obstacle may be a family one, in which one of the parents or both of them stand on the way of their future by refusing to give them (their children) the right to choose a particular course of study or to continue their studies or to work in a particular city that doesn't have the field he or she studied, or they interfere in choosing the partner of their children, and so on.

In such a situation, wisdom in relation, power of conviction and kindness are factors that can help in reducing the difficulties, thereby leaving the issue of the future as the outcome of discussion. If not, then it is the right of the youth that can never be deprived by anyone. It is necessary for the parent to look into the future of their children, and that their success is their (the parents) success also, they must not do something that can destroy the future of their children.

There is also a social obstacle for a society that lives with cultures and morals that cannot give chance to even behaviors, which are not against the habits of the parent. Even though it is an obstacle that requires enough time in order to overcome and change it, an ambitious youth is against a dull and stagnant ruler. It may be possible that the risk- without care - may be a suitable treatment for this kind of conditions. This is because among the ways of changing a backward society is the method of 'shock and hit', if not, then there will be no inventions or great and firm achievements.

There may be more obstacles, but the most important thing is that a youth should not allow it to block his way of concentration and hard work. It is said a proverb: "the worst water is the stagnant water." This stagnant water that cannot flow, in view of this, is smelly and not good for drinking; rather it may harm someone's life.

We ought to remember that the obstacles may be big, but the will of man is greater than it; "a body can never be weak if the intention in it is firm." Failure in studies - for instance - is never a source of blocking the way of the great scholars: Anichtain, Adeson, Sikaki, and others, who affected and benefited humanity with their great inventions in spite of their being unsuccessful in their studies.

One of the famous revolutionaries, who freed his country from the hegemony of America, wrote a book titled "My Dreams do not know Limits". In this book he mentioned his memo while he was a young fellow: "I wanted to cross the Argentinean Sahara - it is a Sahara full of dust, which is 300 kilometers long and 100 kilometers wide- alone on a motorcycle; with me only a half liter of water. I wanted to feel the hotness of the sun in such a place full of sand.

Whoever I talked to, concerning my trip, would say that crossing such a Sahara with only a half liter of water is impossible, but the water will be enough for me on my trip, believe me, oh people"!! He was able to do so…and he who said there is nothing impossible if there is will, was right.