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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati

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Youth and the Future - The Future - Hope

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Indeed, one cannot think of the future without looking at it through the eye of optimism and hope. The connection between the two is close and intimate because man, in his nature, always tries to go out of the narrow surrounding of his life in order to move towards wide horizons even if it is achieved by flying on the carpet of wishes and the wings of imagination.

The inmate who does not possess his freedom; who looks and finds all the doors and windows are closed around him, and who gazes out at his destiny, sees it unknown but, nevertheless, he does not lose the breath of hope.

Another example is that of an inmate who relates that he was living in a difficult situation full of despair, pessimism, and full isolation, to an extent that even his prison friends wished that the judgement passed against them was life imprisonment because, mostly, the common judgement was the death penalty.

Then, the (the prisoner) addressed them with a spirit full of optimism and trust in the Mercy of the Almighty, Allah, and said: "Why do you ask that from Allah? Why do not you ask for relief? Concerning me, even if they put the rope on my neck, I believe in Allah's power to change the situation at any moment!!"

As a result, optimism and the future are as inseparable as two horses and one cab. There is no future without hope which leads towards it and decreases the burden of suffering at its highest point.

Usually, we are concerned about the future; did you not experience that in your academic life, in your work, in your thinking of the projects of building, production, marriage and others? Indeed, a secondary student is worried about his studies in a university which will achieve his expectations and wishes; a university student is worried about his functional and practical future. A young man and a young woman are worried about their partners and their marital house; the parents are worried about their children; a sincere and keen leader is worried about the future of his country and his people and so on. Is this kind of worry horrible?

Will such a worry be an obstacle in our way?

Nay, surely it is a beloved and recommended worry, or let us say, that it is a worry of which there is no fear. It is a positive worry which pushes towards activity, vitality and striving in order to achieve the desired objectives. It is a kind of worry that seeks for what increases the standing of one's essence and the development of the personality. In this connection, a saying says: "The value of every person is of what he achieves." Even the striving of a believing man and his sacrifice is for the sake of others or for the sake of building a better future for his nation, which pours forth, in the end, in the stream of his psychological tranquillity.

Do you not see your parents who dedicate, sacrifice their lives, and spare no efforts for the sake of your future and the future of your brothers and sisters? And the highest happiness for them is that you will all be happy in spite of your being unsuccessful in achieving some of their expectations in the future. Indeed, you are their future in which they see their happiness.

Consequently, it is the worry of a hope, and the seeking for a better future, because the loss of hope means the loss of life. In this regard, a woman affected by bone cancer, says: "I will live every day Allah grants me; as if it is my last day in this life and to the day of my death; I will live my life to the fullest."

Indeed, she does not look at cancer - this malignant illness - as something which destroys her life, rather, she resists by her faith which Allah gave her, by considering each day has a new occurrence. And who knows better than that Allah, Who owns all things, may change many things which we never expect.

"... every day He is in a (new) splendid manifestation." Holy Qur'an (55: 29)

Once, a man came to Allah's Apostle, Muhammad (s.a.w.), and said: "O! Allah's Apostle, I have passed a long dark, night (i.e., very severe, and painful). He (s.a.w.) replied to him: "Praise be to Allah" Thus, the man was surprised saying: "I say a long, dark night, while you say: 'Praise be to Allah.'" He (s.a.w.) said: "Praise be to Allah because it has passed."