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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa
(1910 - 1997)
Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, Yugoslavia on August 27, 1910. Her parents were Albanians. Her father was owned a small farm. By age 12 she felt she had a calling to help the poor. In 1920 she became a nun and traveled to Dublin, Ireland. She took her first religious vows in 1928 and her final vows in 1937.

In 1950 she was the head of the Missionaries of Charity and this religious group took children from the slums and started to teach them. An important part of their work was to help the dying.

In 1957 she began her work with lepers and opened a home for orphans and abandoned children. In 1959 she began to expand outside of Calcutta. They went to 22 other Indian cities and later to other countries.

Mother Teresa's group continued to expand throughout the 1970's. She received money from many people to continue her work.

In 1979 she received the Nobel Peace prize in recognition for her work.

In 1985 she opened a home for AIDS patients in California. In the 1980's and the 1990's Mother Teresa's health problems became a concern. She suffered a heart attack while visiting the Pope John Paul II in 1983. She had a near fatal heart attack in 1989 and began wearing a pacemaker.

In August 1996 the world prayed for her recovery. She was in and out of the hospital in no time. Mother Teresa celebrated her birthday August 27, 1997. Sadly, she had a heart attack September 5, 1997.

The world grieved her loss and one mourner said, "When we bury Mother Teresa, we will lose something that can never be replaced."

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